1. Biography

Zachary David Alexander Efron was born on October 18, 1987 in San Luis Obispo, California. åÊEfron’s father is an electrical engineer and his mother, is a former secretary. åÊEfron graduated Arroyo Grande High School in June 2006. åÊHe enjoys a number of outdoor activities including golf, skiing, rock climbing, snowboarding, and surfing. åÊHe learned to surf while filming “Summerland.” åÊIndoors, Efron enjoys playing piano and has fixed up 2 cars – a Delorean and a ’65 Mustang convertible. åÊBoth cars were given to Efron by his grandfather. åÊAmong his things, Efron supposedly values his autographed baseball collection the most. åÊNot one to follow the crowd, Efron does not use any social media claiming he does not have time and wants to keep his private life private. åÊHe is good friends with Lenoardo DiCaprio and even took motorcycle lessons from Tom Cruise after meeting the star at a party. åÊEffon’s parents noticed his singing ability and enrolled him in singing and acting lessons. åÊIn fact, Simon Cowell offered Efron a record deal, which Efron refused because he wanted to focus on acting.

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2. Income & Salary

Efron enrolled in the Pacific Conservatory of Performing Arts after deferring entrance into University of Southern California. åÊAt a young age, Efron landed his first role in a production of “Gypsy” that ran for 90 performances. åÊEfron commented to local press that he loved the attention from being on stage and was addicted to acting. åÊFollowing the run of “Gypsy” Efron landed many other parts many of them in theatre including “Peter Pan”, “Aunti Mame”, “Little Shop of Horrors”, and “Music Man.” åÊHe also landed a part inåÊSummerland but the show was cancelled in 2005. åÊLeading up toåÊSummerlandåÊin 2005 Efron garnered parts on shows such asåÊEr, CSI:Miami,åÊandåÊNCSI. åÊEfron’s big break came when he starred in the lead role foråÊHigh School MusicalåÊin 2006 produced by the Disney Channel. åÊEfron claimed the success ofåÊHigh School Musical was totally unexpected. åÊThe movie’s popularity made Efron a teen idol overnight. åÊEfron built on the success of HSM with 2 sequels that were also smash hits. åÊSuccess followed with the critically acclaimedåÊHairspray in 2007. åÊ2012 saw Efron star in a more serious lead romantic role inåÊThe Lucky OneåÊ about a soldier who survives a war crediting a picture of a young lady with his luck vowing to find her when the war is over. åÊThe film is an adaption of a Nicholas Sparks novel – the same author of The Notebook. åÊ

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3. Estimated Net Worth

Efron has a networth of approximately $16 million. åÊWith his earnings he has an obvious affinity for Audi vehicles. åÊEfron has been seen in at least 3 Audi’s including an S5, an S6, and an A6. åÊIt may however be entirely possible that Efron gets his cars for free. åÊMany car manufacturers allow stars to drive their cars because it is free advertising and gets picked up by popular celebrity magazines. åÊThe actor/singer also has an affinity for modern homes and has purchased a home int he Hollywood Hills for a reported $3.9 million. åÊThe home is pretty California modern with a loft, heated floors, and glass walls. åÊViews overlook the city. åÊWith a modelesque figure, Efron endorses several fashion manufacturers including Dionne Home, Penshoppe, and John John Denim. åÊFor his role in Hairspray Efron was paid $100,000. åÊHe made $3 million for High School Musical 3: Senior Year,åÊand $1 million foråÊ17 Again in 2009.

How much is Zac Efron’s Net Worth? $16 Million!