1. Biography

William James Adams Jr. was born on March 15, 1975 in Eastside Los Angeles, California. åÊGrowing up in the Estrada Courts housing projects – part of the Boyle Heights neighborhood – Adams was raised by his mother in a neighborhood almost exclusively Hispanic. åÊLiving in poverty is tough for any human but the musician had this to say about the experience, “We’re from the projects – East L.A. On welfare the majority of our lives. A lot of my friends are dead and in prison, just like any urban person that comes from areas like I’m from. But my grandma was super-grandma. Ain’t nobody mess with our family in my neighborhood because everybody loved my grandma. She was the one that prayed for everybody. We were one of the first families in the projects. And I moved them out. Music allowed me.” åÊAdams mother encouraged him to be unique and enrolled the future pop star in affluent West Los Angeles schools.

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2. Income & Salary

Adams was an outspoken Barak Obama supporter during the presidents first presidential campaign when he created the hit single “Yes We Can” in support of the then U.S. Senator. åÊHe also did an interview with Anderson Cooper in support of Obama on CNN via Star Wars-esque hologram. åÊNephew of NLF player Lynn Cain, Adams said his uncle was a major influence and someone he really looked up to when he was young. åÊ Also if Will.I.am was not a funny enough nickname, Adams has also donned himself Mr. Voodoo Thursday and Zuper Blahq.

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3. Estimated Net Worth

While atåÊPalisades Charter High School Adam met Allan Pineda (apl.de.ap), a future member ofåÊThe Black Eyed Peas. åÊTogether they formed Atlban Klann and performed in East L.A clubs. åÊDoing so caught the attention of rapper Easy E. åÊE signed the young group to his record label, but following Easy E’s death the group formed TheåÊBlack Eyed Pods,åÊwhich theyåÊchanged in 1997 to Black Eyed PeasåÊwhen they began recording “Behind the Front with Kim Hill. åÊThe group was signed toåÊInterscope Records. åÊIn 1998 the group made good with the hit single “Joints & Jam.” åÊA second album was released in 2000, “Bridging the Gap.” åÊHowever, Adams recognized the need for a female and approached Pussycat Dolls Nicole Scherzinger who could not commit due to other obligations. åÊThat is when Adams was introduced to Fergie. åÊOriginally a female vocalists was only desired for guest appearances during certain songs but the combination’s power was recognized and the female singer became an official band member featured on the cover of their next album “Elephunk.” åÊThe album rached #14 on the charts and sold 8.5 million copies worldwide. åÊIn 2005 the group released “Monkey Business” that sold 10 million copies worldwide. åÊin 2009, after splitting up, the group reunited to kick out 2 albums (åÊ”E.N.D” and “The Beginning” ) before splitting up again.Adams has 142 soundtrack credits to his name and 11 actingåÊincludingåÊRio, Rio 2, X-Men Origins,åÊandåÊMadagascar: Escape 2 Africa. åÊThe creative talent has also been hired by Intel Corp. as their innovation director.With a net worth estimated at approximately 69 million or more Adams shows a creative flair in all he does and frequently pushes the boundaries of what is possible. åÊCase in point when he was transforming his basement into a luxurious opulent recording studio he wanted the ceilings to be higher. åÊDesigners finally decided to dig the floor deeper under the house to achieve the effect. åÊThe house in question is a 1920 Spanish style residence in the trendy popular Los Feliz neighborhood of L.A. åÊIt also features stone limestone custom handmade inlay of the musician’s owl-accented monogram logo which cost about $8,000. åÊDescribed as a place Henry VIII would be comfortable in or having a rich Dr. Suess feel or even as a luxurious bordello, the designs are a combination of post modern color and old world elegance. åÊTouches include ornate Silk Trading Company draperies. åÊPlenty of leather studded with nail work and Damask upholstered walls – even the refrigerator features damask and an old world style handle. åÊIt appears pimped out, but in a tasteful gilded old-world elegant way. åÊThe musician famously owned a $700,000 DeLorean that was stolen much to his dismay according to his own tweets. åÊOther whips include a McLaren MP4-12 that features gull wing doors, 600 hp and runs about $500k; a Bentley Continental GT with a W shaped 12 cylinder motor capable of 575 hp; an all electric Telsa Roadster; a classic custom 1959 Corvette; and lastly true to his creative style an extremely custom very blue 1958 VW Beetle valued at $900k. åÊIf you haven’t seen this thing it is not recognizable as a beetle and isåÊveryåÊblue. åÊAs one of home designers says the musician is not intimidated by color, and that very lack of fear has made him an enormous success!

How much is Will.I.am’s Net Worth? $75 Million!

Video Transcript:Will I Am is a rapper, singer-songwriter, producer and actor who is best known for being a founder and dynamic part of the hip hop group Black Eyed Peas. Their 2003 album “Elephunk” and 2005 album “Monkey Business” helped him to achieve great fame and status. Will I Am is the recipient of seven Grammy Awards and several other awards as well. He has branched off in several different directions in addition to his own music, serving as a vocal coach for the UK and Australia edition of “The Voice” and producing music for a wide variety of artists ranging from Michael Jackson to Justin Timberlake.Will I Am was born William James Adams, Jr. in 1975 in Los Angeles. His music career had its start in 1988 when he was still in middle school, though he did not take off in a big way until the formation of the Black Eyed Peas in 1997. The band’s albums have sold millions of copies, with the single “Where Is the Love?” proving especially successful. Will I Am has earned money through his many successful ventures, including acting in such films as “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” and guesting as one of God’s many forms on the TV show “Joan of Arcadia.”In 2012, Will I Am earned about $12 million. He continues to bring in significant funds from a variety of sources, and much of his money goes to philanthropic causes. The rapper currently has an estimated net worth of about $75 million.Video Credit: AlphaLife.me on YouTubehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BDoKC40cdew