1. Biography

Emmitt Perry, Jr. was born to the parents of Emmitt and Willie Maxine Perry on September 13, 1969 in New Orleans, Louisiana. His father, a carpenter was a disciplinarian and did not believe in sparing the rod on his four children. As a child, Perry tried to commit suicide because he could not take any more of his father‰Ûªs beatings. His mother was very kind and nurturing. She would often take Perry to church where he sought refuge and acquired a peace of mind. At the age of 16, he legally changed his first name from Emmitt to Tyler because he wanted to distance himself from his abusive father. Perry never graduated from high school and finally earned his GED in his early 20s. On one occasion, he was watching an episode of the Oprah Winfrey show and one of her guests that day was talking about how writing had a therapeutic effect on people. The guest inspired Perry and he worked hard to make writing his career.

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2. Income & Salary

In 1990, he moved to Atlanta, Georgia. He wrote a play called I Know I‰Ûªve Been Changed and used his life savings of $12,000 dollars to have it performed at a community theater. The play was a financial flop but Perry retooled the play several times over the years and finally in 1998, it was a success. He continued to produce more stage plays and they sold out all over the country. By the time 2005 rolled around, Forbes estimated that Perry had sold more than $100 million tickets, $30 million in videos of his plays and $20 million in merchandise. During that year, he received $5.5 million dollars to fund his first movie. In 2011, after producing numerous movies, a few television shows and even starring on the silver screen, Perry has made over $500 million dollars from his movies and $200 million dollars from his television shows.

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3. Estimated Net Worth

In 2012, he struck an exclusive multi-year deal with Oprah Winfrey and her network, adding even more to his net worth. These days, he is still writing, producing, directing and acting. The net worth of Tyler Perry is $400 million dollars.

How much is Tyler Perry’s Net Worth? $400 Million!