1. Biography

Tracy Morgan was born on November 10, 1968 in where else? åÊThe Bronx! åÊFamous for his unique humor such as his quirky way of saying ‘hilarious’ and his appearances that pop up on youtube visiting local news stations improptu while on the comedy circuit. åÊThe successful funny man didn’t always have a hilarious upbringing. åÊHis father, who apparently coped with horrors of war in his own way, returned from Vietnam with a drug addiction and died if AIDS when Morgan was 17.

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2. Income & Salary

Tracy is said to have been named after a fellow brother-in-arms that his father fought with in Vietnam. åÊMorgan grew up in the housing projects in Bedford Stuyvesant Brooklyn. He dropped out of High School 4 credits shy of his diploma and began hustling in a common illegal neighborhood trade. åÊAfter his best friend got shot in said trade, he had a wake-up call and gave up the fast lane to pursue comedy. åÊHis friend told Morgan weeks before his death, “Yo man you should be doing comedy” remarked Morgan in his trademark way.

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3. Estimated Net Worth

Morgan debuted on Martin as “Hustle Man” who sold just whatever “You want it I got it right now Ima give it to you.” åÊ – adding to the charm of the character who had a trademark entrance saying, “What’s Happnin’ Chief.” åÊOf course no one can forget Hustle Man’s dog dressed up as a rapper. åÊFrom glory years ’96 to ’03 Joran was a cast member of SNL doing a lot of impressions and portraying such characters as Astronaut Jones. åÊAfter 8 seasons with SNL, in 2006 Morgan went with creator/producer Tina Fey to join the cast ofåÊ30 RockåÊas a character based on himself åÊ- Tracy Jordan. åÊFor 138 episodes Morgan played the character which was about a fictional TV show that his character was the star of,åÊTGS with Tracy Jordan. åÊMorganåÊhas also starred hilariously in ESPN video game commercials along side sports greats like Ben Wallace and Jerry Roddick. åÊIn 2009, Morgan released his autobiography, “I Am The New Black.”Outside his public persona, Morgan is a very private person. åÊRecently he made the news after estranged family members said he did not compassionately help out with house payments. åÊIn eloquent form, Morgan explained that he has been estranged from his mother and other family members for 11 years and perhaps always would be. åÊHe went on to explain that every family has problems and his own family problems, like everyone’s, were personal.Regardless of how the media makes it’s money, Morgan seems to be saying his business is his business! åÊCertainly the comedian has come a long way from his roots in the housing projects with an estimated net worth of $18 million. åÊHowever, in an interview Morgan talked eloquently about the ‘hood saying, “The perception that our community isåÊOz, that it’såÊThe Wire, that’s not how it always is in the ‘hood. There’s little girls jumping double-dutch, there’s little boys playing skelly, opening up the Johnny pump. There’s beauty there.” åÊWell said Tracy, well said.

How much is Tracy Morgan’s Net Worth? $18 Million!