1. Biography

Born Victoria Davey Tori Spelling on May 16, 1973 in Los Angeles, Tori Spelling is best known for her role as Donna Martin on the hit show from the ninetiesåÊ90210. åÊTori was born into Hollywood royalty as daughter of Aaron Spelling – a humongous TV and film producer. åÊAaron had credits to his name such asåÊLove Boat, Fantasy Island,åÊandåÊCharlie’s Angels -åÊ over 220 producing credits listed under his name on IMDB.

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2. Income & Salary

Spelling starred in small guest appearances as a child in many shows her father produced includingåÊLove Boat, T.J. Hooker, Fantasy Island,åÊandåÊSaved By the Bell. åÊNot until she was 17 years old did she get the full-time part as Donna Martin inåÊBeverly Hills 90210. åÊSpelling played the role of Donna, America’s most famous virgin for 10 seasons. åÊThough it probably would not be questioned that nepotism had a role to play in landing her the part, Spelling did become a true fan favorite over time. åÊFollowingåÊ90210 Spelling kept busy in made for TV movies, and a number of independent films. åÊThe 1999 indieåÊTrickåÊis rated an impressive 78% on Rotten Tomatoes.

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3. Estimated Net Worth

Proving that she could make her own way and had her own determination, Spelling wrote an autobiographyåÊSTORI Telling that debuted on the top of the New York Times Bestselling list. åÊThe book received critical acclaim as one of the best celebrity autobiographies written. åÊSince the publication of her first book, Spelling has gone on to write five more books – six in all including one children’s book that also seems largely autobiographical. åÊSpelling has also had a strong of reality TV shows based on her life with husband Dean McDermott.In her book,åÊSpelling it Like It Is Spelling admitted to have financial problems. åÊSpelling admitted “Google thought I was worth fifteen million dollars. Fifteen million dollars! I didn‰Ûªt have one million. We had some income here and there, but no savings apart from our retirement accounts.” After her father passed away in 2006 his $500 million estate was to be inherited by Spelling, her mother, and her brother, Randy, now an Oregon life coach. åÊIn fact Spelling and her mother Candy were estranged and battling it out publicly. åÊCandy, as the executor of the estate, left Tori and her brother $800,000 each. åÊReportedly she also granted Spelling’s son Liam a $10 million trust fund.Tori went on to describe needing to throttle back habits, “After selling our Encino house at a loss, we were hoping to make a bit of the money back on Malibu. You heard of those people who flip houses to make money? We were the opposite: flippers who lost major sums of money on every transaction. My restlessness would be our financial ruin. My real estate compulsion had put us in serious debt,‰Û she explains. ‰ÛÏI‰Ûªd worked so hard and earned so much, but I had nothing to show for it.”åÊSpelling, a fan of designer fashion, has explained that she has had to reign in some of her normal spending habits to make ends meet. åÊSpelling seems more grounded than ever and is sure to land on her feet.

How much is Tori Spelling’s Net Worth? $1.5 Million!