1. Biography

Myra Ellen Amos was born on August 22, 1963 in Newton, NC while her parents, living in Washington D.C. at the time, were traveling. åÊAmos grew up a preacher’s daughter. åÊHer dad was and still is a Methodist minister and Amos described her upbringing as being pretty strict.

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2. Income & Salary

Amos has rejected her Christian upbringing choosing to adopt the Native American views of her grandfather. åÊAmos showed a fondness for her parent’s piano when she was three years old. åÊEarly on Amos become influenced by Broadway show tunes, Beatles, and Rolling Stones – albums she heard growing up in her home either from her parents or brother.

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3. Estimated Net Worth

When she was only five years old, Amos auditioned for the prestigious Peabody Conservatory Of Music and won a scholarship making her one of the youngest musicians ever to do so. åÊHer scholarship however was discontinued because of Amos’s interest in rock and pop music as well as her resistance to reading music. åÊA phenomenon referred to in Amos’s first bank “Y Kant Tori Read.” åÊWhen she was 13, with the help of her father, Amos began playing gigs at D.C. area bars. åÊIn 1987 Amos landed a record deal with Atlantic Records and was advised to create an image of an 80s rocker girl. åÊIn 1992 Amos broke ranks with her label and decided to be more authentic to her own style. åÊThe first album releasedåÊLittle Earthquakes went gold in both the United States and UK. åÊSince then, Amos has won 8 Grammy awards and and sold 12 million albums worldwide.Continuing to march to the beat of her own drum, Amos bought a home off the beaten path in the southernmost county of Cornwall England. åÊThe 18th century farmhouse on 3 acres is isolated and remote and modest-looking from the outside. åÊRemnants of the old farmhouse come out in features such as exposed beams and stone walls. åÊA barn on the property has been converted into a modern high-tech recording studio with a guest complex built for visiting recording artists that features 6 bedrooms, a gym, sauna, and an 8 person jacuzzi. åÊAlso on the property is is a mini-ampitheater, a David Lynch designed table, and B&B Italia sofas. åÊWood floors were crafted and sourced locally from reclaimed wood out of the Plymouth docks. åÊSlate was sourced from a quarry 20 miles away.A friend from the design firm Carden Cunietti in Notting Hill London helped with interior details such as Cornish maps and Venetian silk lanterns. åÊAmos also owns a home in South Florida, but her and her family use the English house as the main residence. åÊThe Amos Florida residence is said to be on the highly exclusive Treasure Coast also home to stars Celine Dion, Tiger Woods, Billionaire H. Wayne Huizenga, and Burt Reynolds among others. åÊThere is certainly a reason wealth flock to Treasure Island on Gulf Blvd. åÊWith a net worth of $55 million, Amos can afford to live in pristine areas all over the globe.

How much is Tori Amos’s Net Worth? $55 Million!