1. Biography

Born as Anthony J. Mahavorick on February 20, 1960, Mr. Robbins later changed his name to adopt his stepfather’s name whom he had a much closer relationship to than his biological father.

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2. Income & Salary

The 6′ 7″ outgoing motivational guru was student body president before leaving halfway through his senior year of high school to go out on his own partially due to clashes with his, perhaps, over-protective mother.

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3. Estimated Net Worth

A guru to the gurus, Mr. Robbins got his start as a salesman for Jim Rohn. åÊHe originally was a door-to-door salesman needing to immediately make a living for himself since he left home and went out on his own. åÊWhile working door-to-door his enthusiasm and sales pitch so impressed one of his customers that he suggested he take on a role in selling for motivational speaker Jim Rohn, which he did. åÊRobbins credits Rohn with teaching him that happiness, success, and fulfillment are not functions of getting things but functions in how one lives his or her life. åÊRobbins went onto develop his style studying with NLP founder John Grinder. åÊA speed-reader, Robbins learned a lot about motivation and success and began a career as a motivational speaker himself holding fire-walking seminars – a technique he learned from Tolly Burkan. åÊRobbins parlayed this into products sold on late night infomercials before releasing his books Awaken The Giant Within and Unlimited Power. åÊRobbins is a speaker with the Learning Annex and his TED talk is one of the 6th most popular TED talks of all time. åÊHe has counseled world leaders such as Presidents Bush and Clinton, and former Head of State Mikhail Gorbachev.Anthony Robbins, just as he was beginning to experience some success bought a castle on top of a ocean side bluff in Del Mar, California – an experience that he writes about inåÊAwaken The Giant Within. åÊThe estate was purchased for $1.7 million and Robbins stated he had to earn into the income that allowed him to stay there – at first not even being able to afford furnishing. åÊThe estate was recently sold for $3.25 million. åÊNowadays he can certainly afford that kind of luxury and more at a net worth estimated at half a billion dollars. åÊNot just a teacher, Mr. Robbins has been able to successfully leverage his deep understanding of human motivation, emotions, and business into massive success for himself. åÊAlso, proving he is more than merely a motivational speaker that simply gets audiences riled up, Robbins, was listed as a Top Business Intellectual by Acceture’s Institute for Strategic Change and Top 200 Business Guru by Harvard Business School Press.Mr. Robbins owns a number of companies both profit and non-profit including the Tony Robbins Foundation which takes on prison reform, education, and distributes gift and food baskets during Thanksgiving – something that was anonymously done to Robbins when he was growing up that made a lasting impression. åÊTop on the list of assets owned by Mr. Robbins is the all inclusive resort, Namale, in Fiji. åÊWith 140 staff members, the luxury spa and resort has a staff to guest ratio of 3 to 1 ensuring the absolute highest level of seamless service. åÊPrivate bungalows, and 5 course dinners are the norm, but the high-level thinker even thought through problems such as how guests could continue to enjoy themselves during inclement weather. åÊMr. Robbins is also an aviation enthusiasts and often flies himself to his speaking engagements or around his island by helicopter. åÊQuite a fun and passionate way for the self half-billionaire to live! As a person who prides himself on being a student of success and learning new things despite all he already knowns, Robbins is fond of saying, “When you’re green you grow, when you’re ripe you rot.” åÊ Given that kind of attitude, it would not be surprising to see even more success and accomplishment added to Mr. Robbins already bright present-day reality.

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