1. Biography

Toni Braxton, an American born October 7, 1967, in Severn, Maryland, to parents who were both pastors in their church, grew up singing in the church’s choir. After deciding to ‘take a chance,’ as she phrased it, when a gas station attendant recognized her and wanted to try promoting her singing. She is from a large family, of four other sisters, and only one brother. She has two sons of her own, from ex-husband Kery Lewis. Their older son, Denim Cole, was born in 2001. Her second pregnancy was more complicated and doctors ordered bed rest. Their youngest son was named Diezel, and he was born in early 2003. Diezel has autism, which has lead Miss Braxton to become very involved in Autism Speaks.

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2. Income & Salary

Professionally, Miss Braxton has several music hits, and is a well known American icon. However, financial planning is, like with many other people, not a strong skill of hers. This has resulted in her filing for bankruptcy. Much of her debt was erased, but she also lost several income sources in the bankruptcy judgment. She has lost the rights to several of her songs, causing her to lose future royalty payments, reducing what could otherwise have been a much more healthy net worth. Miss Braxton’s rendering of Unbreak My Heart, written by Diane Warren, is said to be one of R&B’s best songs, but she will never again be paid a royalty for this. Some explanations state the bankruptcy as the reason, while differing ones state that the royalties go to Miss Warren instead because of another type of dispute.

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3. Estimated Net Worth

Her 2013 earnings were mainly from ticket sales for her Summer Tour. Sources claim she earned $91,503 USD from this tour. For 2014, Miss Braxton made a bit more, at $125,000 USD from her Love, Marriage & Divorce album sales. She sold 121,000 copies. Toni Braxton’s estimated net worth as of 2015 is $35 million.

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