1. Biography

Tina Fey was born Elizabeth Staminatina Fey on May 18, 1970 in Upper Darby, PA just out side of Philadelphia. åÊStamatina? åÊThe funny lady grew up a “supernerd” which as far as career trajectory goes worked out well for her. åÊShe went on from supernerdom in high school and college never missing a beat on her way to the Liz Lemon we all know and love. åÊSeriously she graduated with a degree in drama from University of Virginia in 92 and didn’t miss a beat moving straight to Chicago – the epicenter of comedy – enrolling at the prestigious SNL underground incubation tank better known as Second City.

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2. Income & Salary

At Second City, she was advised to skip the normal curriculum and apply for a spot in the selective Second City Training Center. åÊA minor hiccup occurred when she failed out. åÊThe comedy world is glad she didn’t get discouraged and give up. åÊIt took eight weeks, but she bounced back and was able to land a spot in the year-long program.

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3. Estimated Net Worth

Perchance one day in 1997 SNL robots came looking to unplug one of the battery pods from the incubation matrix at Second City and harvest any talent they could find. åÊWhat they found was Stamitina Fey. åÊShe was offered a gig on the writing crew. åÊAt first she was intimidated being the only female writer and a full foot shorter than everyone else. åÊ12 inches! åÊYikes. åÊThe funny lady quipped that she had shrunk. åÊFollowing the theme of uninterrupted success to the top, Fey became SNL’s first female writer a few years later. åÊ Height schmeight. åÊNo word if she is the shortest SNL writer of all time. åÊLater she made her debut on the small screen into the living room of millions of American’s along side Jimmy Fallon as a co-anchor for the Weekend Update. åÊTo her credit Fey is also an alumna of the Famous Improv Olympic in company with the likes of Mike Myers, Chris Farley, Vince Vaughn, and her bestie, Amy Poehler.In 2004 the pop cult classicåÊMean GirlsåÊthat Fey wrote and acted in along with Lindsay Lohan and Rachel McAdams hit theaters. åÊFey was with SNL for 9 years from 1997 to 2006. åÊWithout a gap in between Fey went straight from SNL to her funny self creating, launching , and starring in the Emmy Award Winning television series 30 Rock – a television show about the television show TGS with Tracy Jordan. åÊThe show ran from 2006 to 2013 and won, like, a LOT of awards. åÊSomewhere in there she released her autobiographical bookåÊBossypantsåÊ(2011) which went on to become a New York Times Bestseller for five weeks.Ms. Fey (sorry guys – married) is #79 on the celebrity 100 list and is certainly living it up in her own way. åÊShe married a Jeff Richmond whom she met while at Second City. åÊThough it’s absolutely none of anyone’s business, her husband Jeff is the only person Fey has reported to have “been with” if you know what I’m saying. åÊWe don’t necessarily care other than that shows a certain amount zest for living life on your own terms, which seems to carry over into other parts the writer’s life as well.Though she was at one time paid as much as $350,000 per episode as executive, and has a net worth estimated at $45 million, the producer of 30 Rock lives in, yes, a super nice #3.4 million home on West End Ave. åÊItåÊisåÊnice and she deserves all her success, but compared to other celebrity homes and possessions, Fey seems to be living within her means and again, on her own terms. åÊThe loft is unusually spacious for a New York pad with 4 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms, an eat in kitchen, 17 foot library, private elevator landing, 20 x 19 foot dining room and 27.5 by 18.5 foot living room. åÊThe loft also features views of the Hudson river. åÊIt is definitely cushy, but it is evident the actress/writer/producer doesn’t need things to enjoy and have fun with life. Her smile often seems to say, “I’m having as much fun with my life as my jokes are funny.” åÊAnd certainly, Stamatina, they are indeed funny. åÊ

How much is Tina Fey’s Net Worth? $45 Million!