1. Biography

Stephen Tyrone Colbert was born May 13, 1964 in Washington D.C. but grew up in CHarleston, South Carolina. åÊHe is the youngest of 11 children which he often cites quickly as, “Jimmy, Eddie, Billy, Margo, Tommy, Jay, Lulu, Paul, Peter, and Stephen.” åÊColbert (pronounced Kol bear) was the son of James William Colbert M.D. who was a prominent doctor and school administrator at Yale, St. Louis University, and University of South Carolina. åÊHe actually pronounced his name Kol bert, but allowed his children to change to the french pronunciation if they desired, which Stephen did when he moved to Northwestern University taking the opportunity to reinvent himself. åÊColbert’s parents were devout Catholics but even more devout intellectuals and taught their children that it was ok to question the church and still be Catholic. åÊOn September 11, 1974 Colbert’s father and 2 of his brothers were killed in a plane crash. åÊColbert struggled as an adolescent with the loss. åÊDuring this time he also had a fascination with fantasy novels, role playing games, Dungeons & Dragons and the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. åÊColbert did participate in plays growing up as well as played in a Rolling Stones cover band called “A Shot in the Dark.” åÊColbert attended Hampden-Sydney College and transferred to Northwestern University once he discovered he had a strong affinity for acting due to Northwestern having a stronger drama department.

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2. Income & Salary

Colbert originally wanted to become an actor but discovered his love for improv after meeting Second City director Del Close while at Northwestern University. åÊColbert went on to be the understudy for Steve Carell at Second City Chicago along with Amy Sedaris. åÊFollowing his time at Second City Colbert wrote and performed on “The Dana Carvey Show” then collaborated with Amy Sedaris for “Strangers with Candy.” åÊ”Strangers with Candy” became a hit and Colbert became somewhat popular for his role as Chuck Noblet a closeted gay history teacher. åÊColbert went on to land a role as a correspondent on Comedy Central’s satire-based news parody show making Colbert more of a household name. åÊColbert’s character was so popular onåÊThe Daily ShowåÊthat a spin off,åÊThe Colbert Report was introduced with the same parody style concept poking fun at personalty driven news such as that of Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly’s åÊThe O’Reilly Factor. åÊThe Colbert ReportåÊis one of Comedy Central’s most highly rated shows for which Colbert has earned three Emmy Awards. åÊColbert has also released a book that toped number 1 on the New York Times bestseller list called, “I am America (And So Can You!)” åÊColbert is known for famously seering President Bush and the media at the 2006 White House correspondents dinner as well as bids for presidential office that mocked the convolutions that politicians go through to raise campaign funds.

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3. Estimated Net Worth

Colbert has a net worth of approximately $47 million and earns $6 million per year roughly foråÊThe Colbert Report,åÊwhich has been on the air for 1 0 years and 10 seasons. åÊColbert just accepted the role of Host of CBS Late Show when David Letterman steps down in 2015. åÊLetterman has a networth of approximately $400 million and acquired a salary of $50 million per episode giving hint to Colbert’s potential earning power. åÊColbert lives in New York City where his show is produced however very little is known about modest satirist’s residence there.

How much is Stephen Colbert’s Net Worth? $47 Million!