1. Biography

Scott Spencer Storch is a writer and producer of hip-hop and EDM music. He was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, on December 16, 1973, and grew up in the United States, spending his school years in south Florida and the Northeast. He has two sons: Steve Storch Bellido born in 1991 and Jalen Scott Storch born in 2006.

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2. Income & Salary

Storch began his musical career as a keyboardist for the hip-hop group The Roots, but after a few years his ambitions grew beyond that role. In 1998 he was introduced to Dr. Dre, and his career as a writer and producer took off. He collaborated with Dre on the 1999 album ‰ÛÏ2001‰Û which sold over six million copies. After learning the ropes with Dr. Dre, Storch moved to Miami and struck out on his own. Between 2001 and 2005 he wrote and produced one hit after another, working with Christina Aguilera on ‰ÛÏFighter,‰Û Fat Joe on ‰ÛÏLean Back,‰Û and Justin Timberlake on ‰ÛÏCry Me a River,‰Û among others. His most successful year was 2006, when he won ASCAP‰Ûªs Songwriter of the Year award and had an estimated net worth of $70 million. At the top of his game Storch took time off to party, spending lavish amounts on a mansion, yacht, cars, jewelry and drugs.

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3. Estimated Net Worth

By 2007 he was in financial trouble and had scuttled his relationships in the music business. He checked into rehab in 2009 and filed for bankruptcy, which was later dismissed. By 2014 Storch‰Ûªs net worth was estimated to be $300,000. He filed for bankruptcy again in 2015, stating that his total earnings in 2014 were $10,000 and claiming $3600 in assets.

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