1. Biography

Samuel L. Jackson was born on December 21, 1948 in Washington D.C. åÊHe is known as the King of Cool, and in a career where he competes on looks, style, and charm that is quite an accomplishment! The thespian grew up in Chattanooga, TN. åÊAs a youth he actually had a stuttering problem until a therapists suggested he act in a play to help with the problem. åÊNot only did the advice help with his stuttering, it gave him a new direction in life.

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2. Income & Salary

The actor moved to NYC where he was for a time the doorman at Manhattan Plaza home to many actors and artists. åÊJackson can play the french horn and trumpet – instruments that he played from elementary school through high school. åÊHe is also a vegetarian and anglophile – someone who loves English culture and history. åÊOne of his most avid passions though is probably golf. åÊIt is rumored that he has every acting contract stipulate that the set locations where is filming be close to a golf course.

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3. Estimated Net Worth

Jackson pursued his acting dream passionately and even took on the role as camera stand-in for Bill Cosby inåÊThe Cosby ShowåÊin the mid-eighties. åÊIt was not long however until he made the jump from TV staffer to feature length film character actor. åÊIn the eighties he was featured in many Spike Lee films includingåÊDo the Right Thing,åÊMo’ Better Blues,åÊandåÊJungle Fever.åÊ His performance inåÊJungle Fever was so impressive that the Cannes Film Festival Jury created the entire category “Award for Best Supporting Actor” just so they could honor the performance. åÊTo date he is the only actor that has ever received the award. åÊMost notably he has also surpassed Tom Hanks and Harrison Ford as the highest grossing actor of all time. åÊHis role in The Incredibles is what did the trick putting him over the top. åÊMovies Mr. Jackson have been in have all-total grossed over $7 billion dollars. åÊAfter his Oscar nod in the unforgettable role as Jules Winnfield inåÊPulp Fiction Jackson went from being cast in character roles to being thought of as a leading man. åÊHis characters often wear or have some purple associated with them such as his Star Wars character Jedi Master Mace Windu being the only Star Wars character that does not have a blue, green or red light saber – his being purple. åÊFunnily enough when asked about his character amid all the hype surrounding the new Star Wars prequels Jackson responded, “He’s black.”Jackson is worth at least $150 million as one of the highest if not the highest grossing movie star of all time. åÊHis Tudor style home he shares with wife LaTanya in San Fernando is an amazing 11,738 square feet and was purchased for $8.25 million from Roseanne Barr. åÊIt features 6 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms and has a separate 2,100 square feet guest house. åÊOther features include a screening room, and a huge dining area. åÊSomewhere in there Jackson keeps his eye-wear and hat collection. åÊThe actor is hardly ever seen wearing the same glasses twice and has a collection of probably hundreds of spectacles not to mention hats – his favorite being Kangol.An obligatory east coast home in SoHo New York on Crosby Street rounds out the Jackson real estate portfolio though there may be other homes the public is not fully aware of. åÊThe SoHo loft features 13 foot high ceilings, 8 foot high windows, 33 foot long living/dining space, concrete counter tops, and an elevator that opens directly into the apartment (by key-lock access only of course). åÊ Digs cool enough for Mr. Cool himself!The vehicle Mr. Jackson is most associated with is the stunning Mayback 52S ordered directly from the Maybach headquarters in Stuttgart Germany. åÊIt is more than a car with a refrigerator, 16 airbags, solar panel for temperature control and ventilation, and custom one of a kind paint and interior based upon the actor’s specific input. åÊAll told a minor investment for the wealthy Mr. Jackson at 450,000 Euro’s. åÊDepending on when the purchase was made that is about $625,500 dollars. åÊAn amazing sum for something on 4 wheels – luxury at it’s finest.

How much is Samuel L. Jackson’s Net Worth? $150 Million!