1. Biography

Ruby Barnhill is an 11-year-old actress from Britain. She attends school in Cheshire where this young thespian participates in local theatre productions. Outside of acting, to date, her life has not been newsworthy. She lives quietly with her family. However, recent dealings with movie director Steven Spielberg have brought this little girl media attention.

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2. Income & Salary

Over the past year, Barnhill’s most notable role has been as Isobel on the BBC TV series 4 O’Clock Club. This children’s drama focuses on the sibling rivalry between two brothers and the special people revolving around them. Her exceptional acting on this show caught Spielberg’s eyes. As a result, he cast her as the main character, Sophie, in the film adaption of Roald Dahl’s 1982 book about a giant “The BFG”.

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3. Estimated Net Worth

In 2014, Ruby Barnhill’s net worth was $0. However, after the completion of “The BFG”, which is filming now, she will be worth $85,000. In addition, because of her recently signed DreamWorks contract, this up and coming star stand to make $250,000 on a follow up movie (if this one is successful). Then, she can earn an additional $400,000 on a subsequent movie. So, by her late teens, Barnhill will be a well paid actress wealthy enough to pay for college and a few other luxuries.

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