1. Biography

His Royal Highness the Duke of Cambridge was born William Arthur Phillip Louis so many think his surname might be Louis, which is incorrect. åÊHe basically has a bunch of middle names. åÊThere is some controversy over which surname her family should take with the Queen arguing for Mountbatten-Windsor officially. åÊHowever, royals don’t generally have surnames. åÊThey are simply known by their royal title such as George King of England. åÊWhen you are a King or some other royal that distinction to differentiate you from other George’s is more important than a surname so it is quite common for many royals not to have a surname at all. åÊIn an age when we have to fill out a lot of official documents this seems strange, but it is a tradition that the royal family continues on. åÊInstead royals are known for their peerage or territorial designation. åÊThe children of royals take on the peerage of their parents. åÊTerritorial names are discarded by women when they marry and men when they are receive their own peerage as it were. åÊToday Coat_of_Arms_of_William,_Duke_of_Cambridge.svgPrince William’s official title is HisåÊRoyal Highness Prince William Arthur Philip Louis, Duke of Cambridge, Earl of Strathearn, Baron Carrickfergus, Royal Knight Companion of the Most Noble Order of the Garter, Knight of the Most Ancient and Most Noble Order of the Thistle, Personal Aide-de-Camp to Her Majesty The Queen. åÊåÊHis parents and later the media at large called him “Wills.” åÊHis parents even called him “Wombat.” Prince William is the first current Duke of Cambridge, which is misleading because there have been 4 other Dukes of Cambridges, but the title (and thus dukedom they ruled) became extinct when they died without heirs making William the now first Duke of Cambridge (again). åÊHis seal to the right as Duke has a unicorn in it! åÊAwesome! åÊThe short correct version is HRHåÊPrince William Duke of Cambridge. åÊFor military purposes, both William and Prince Harry use the surname ‘Wales’ after their father’s peerage over the Welsh territory as Prince of Wales. åÊEven after William officially dropped ‘Wales’ from his own title when he married Kate Middleton and became Duke of Cambridge, he still used Wales for military purposes making some people mistakenly believe that his surname is Wales, which is incorrect. åÊIt was officially declared that royal descendants who do not take a royal title (or females that marry) would have the surname Mountbatten-Windsor, but that is only in the case of royal descendants who do not have a royal title or in the case of females, who neither have a royal title nor marry.

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2. Income & Salary

Prince William’s mother of course is Princess Diana and his father is first in line to the throne Prince Charles. åÊWhen William was a boy he told his mother he wanted to be a police officer so he could protect her to which his brother Harry replied: “Oh, no you can’t. åÊYou’ve got to be King.” åÊRoyal or not his mother wanted him to have as much as a normal childhood as he could taking him to Disney and McDonald’s as well as AIDS clinics and shelters for homeless. åÊShe also bought her boys typical teenage items such as video games and may have influencedåÊWilliam to break royal tradition and attend Eaton College instead of the customary Gordonstoun.

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3. Estimated Net Worth

As far as school William went to Wetherby School in London, Ludgrove School where he played football, basketball, participated in swimming, clay pigeon shooting, and ran cross country. åÊHe then took entrance exams and was accepted into Eton college prompting female applicantions to sky-rocket. åÊAt Eton he studied biology, art history and geology. åÊHe also picked up water polo. åÊThe paparazzi had an agreement to leave Wills be in exchange for regular updates. åÊHRH graduated Eton and took a gap year training in Belize with the British Army, working at a dairy farm, and teaching children in Chile along with other young teachers whom he shared living quarters with. åÊAfter his gap year William enrolled in University of St. Andrews and continued to play water polo.HRH’s careeråÊconsists of royal duties which largely consists of official visits to ceremonies, events, and other countries. åÊHRH did receive a commission in 2006 to the British Army with his first command being troop commander in an armoured recon unit of the Blues and Royals. åÊHowever due to his being heir to the throne it was forbidden for HRH to see active military duty. åÊOriginally HRH’s commission was a shortened 3-year commission but he extended it. åÊHe had a sincere desire for active service which was finally achieved by transferring his commission to the RAF and attending search and rescue school. åÊHRH served first as a co-pilot and then as a pilot for the Search and Rescue force of the RAF and was certified on the Sea King helicopter.HRH’s net worth is $20 million much of which was inherited from his mother’s estate when she passed away. åÊHe has also received an inheritance from the Queen Mother’s estate (his great grandmother) when she passed away. åÊIn the RAF he received about 37k pounds per year as salary. åÊHe also receives an allowance from his father for his royal duties. åÊHowever the nature of HRH’s estate is such that he will never be on a Forbes list. åÊThat is because his estate is considered tied to his position and not his personally. åÊHe can’t sell his assets and go buy a plane or do whatever he wants with it. åÊAs a royal and head of state, many of his expenses are covered, when travelingåÊon official duty, by the taxpayers. åÊHowever, his grandmother the queen, worth about $600 million is known to be a relatively low cost royal to the government. åÊHRH also flies under the radar in that regard. åÊHis father Prince Charles has taken up some scrutiny however especially for his travel expenses. åÊIt has been reported that many royals in third world countries are more extravagant with their expenses than the British royals. åÊThe royal estate, currently controlled by the Queen, does boast $10 billion worth of real estate including Buckingham Palace estimated to be worth an additionalåÊ$5 billion, the Royal Art collection, swans on the Thames river, and the Crown Jewels. åÊHowever, it is predicted that many of the royal palaces will likely be given to the government for government use in the coming decades especially mansions and manors that currently house cousins and other royals. åÊThis has already begun such as when in 1953 followingåÊQueen Mary’s death, Queen Elizabeth gave her mansion Marlborough House to the government. åÊ

How much is Prince William’s Net Worth? $20 Million!