1. Biography

Phillip Dennis Ivey, Jr. was born in Riverside, CA but moved shortly after his birth to New Jersey. åÊIvey got his start while working as a telemarketer in New Jersey when his co-workers started going to Atlantic City. åÊIvey acquired a fake ID and began playing while he was still a teenager. åÊIvey is arguably the best poker player in the world. åÊMany elite professional poker players have said as much and he is tied for fourth most all-time World Series of Poker bracelets (9) however he is the youngest player to get to nine wins. åÊNo one else has been able to accumulate poker bracelets more quickly than Ivey. åÊIvey is a fan of theåÊLA Lakers, Houston Rockets and Buffalo Bills. åÊHe regularly wears basketball jerseys and also likes to play golf, make prop bets, and play video games.

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2. Income & Salary

Ivey’s poker play is legendary. åÊHowever he does not play in as many poker tournaments anymore in favor cash games because they payouts are even larger. åÊOddly enough Ivey’s bracelets come from non Holdem tournaments. åÊOne such legendary cash game involves playing billionaire Andy Beal with stakes going from $25,000/$50,000 up to $50,000/$100,000. åÊIvey won $16 million over the course of three days against the billionaire which took place at the Wynn Resort and which he split with other poker professionals that had pooled their money to play Beal. åÊTo be fair Beal had beaten the group for $13 million making the net profit to Ivey’s group $3 million.

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3. Estimated Net Worth

Phil Ivey’s actual net worth fluctuates a lot, but knowing Ivey he probably has invested in static assets pocketing winnings making his actual net worth pretty stable. åÊThat is a conjecture but on any given day it is very hard to pin down Ivey’s actual net worth. åÊHe has been seen to win $10,000 dollar bets on a single hole at a golf course and plays Chinese poker for $2000 a point with friend Barry Greenstein. åÊIvey is known as a high roller and travels the world by limo, private jet, and helicopter. åÊVideos on Youtube can be seen of him deciding on a whim to “Roll some dice at the Wynn” and being shown to a private dice table featuring extremely rare $100,000 chips. åÊNormally the maximum bet at Casino’s is $10,000 but exceptions are made for high rollers. åÊIn the video below butlers can be seen preparing an exclusive suite for Ivey’s arrival that can not be reserved – it is exclusively set aside for when high rollers come to town. åÊAccording to HighStakesDB Ivey has won approximately $19 million playing poker online. åÊHe has reported that he sometimes sits in as many as 8 tables but usually only 2 or 3 and sometimes only plays with fake money to chat with regular people and give them the chance to learn and brush shoulders with the pros. Earnings from live events amount to a total over $17 million dollars. åÊIvey receives other incomeåÊfrom endorsements, business ventures including being one of the original founders of a popular online poker site. åÊIvey partly attributes his success on having a complete disregard for money which makes him able to make extremely large bets without any trepidation. åÊHe also extremely skilled, patient, and actually sensible when it comes to money. åÊHe reported to beåÊvery reluctant to buy is Mercedes McLaren SLR claiming it was too much money to spend on a car, but was convinced after the test drive. åÊThe poker star did recently sale a Las Vegas home for $1.995 million but he owns, among other real estate, a beach house in Mexico (pictured below). phil-ivey-beach-house-1

How much is Phil Ivey’s Net Worth? over $100 Million!