1. Biography

Peyton Manning was born in 1976, to Olivia and Archie Manning III. His father was a famous professional quarterback, and he has followed in his footsteps ever since entering the NFL in 1998. Eli Manning, his brother, also plays as a quarterback for the NFL. Manning has been turning heads in football ever since his high school days in New Orleans, Louisiana. He moved on to play at the University of Tennessee, where he quickly gained notoriety for his passing yards and touchdown record.

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2. Income & Salary

In 1998, Peyton Manning was drafted in a first round pick to play for the Indianapolis Colts. He struck a seven year deal to play with the team that was worth $99 million over the course of the contract. He remained with this team for many years, even picking up a Super Bowl win and being voted MVP in 2006. Back in 2011, Peyton made a quick $20 million signing bonus with the Indianapolis Colts. However, he had an injury that prevented him from playing, which resulted in him being let go by the team in following months.

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3. Estimated Net Worth

In March of 2012, he struck a deal to play for five years with the Denver Broncos team. This contract was reported to be worth $96 million. Each year he is reported to get $20 million in salary pay each year. Product endorsement payments from companies such as Sony, Reebok, and Gatorade are worth an estimated $8 million in additional yearly income. In May of 2012, Peyton Manning’s net worth was $42 million, however, his net worth as of 2013 is reported to be over $115 million.

How much is Peyton Manning’s Net Worth? $115 Million!

Video Transcript:Peyton Williams Manning was born in New Orleans on March 24, 1976, and is married to his wife Ashley, and the couple has twin, a boy and girl. Manning’s father, Archie, is a former New Orleans Saints quarterback, while his brother Eli is currently quarterback for the New York Giants.After playing college football at the University of Tennessee, Manning was the top pick in the 1998 NFL Draft by the Indianapolis Colts. In his 13 seasons with the team, he led the team to two Super Bowls, winning once in 2006. After sitting out the 2011 season due to a neck injury, Manning signed with the Denver Broncos and has played three seasons, leading the team to a conference title in 2013. On an individual level, he‰Ûªs the all-time NFL leader in career touchdown passes and has won Most Valuable Player honors five times. He is estimated to be worth $115 million and has earned over $160 million playing football for the past 16 seasons.During the past two years, Manning has earned $40 million in salary from the Broncos. He reportedly earns $8 million in endorsements each year from such companies as MasterCard, DirecTV and Gatorade. Soon after signing with Denver, he purchased 21 Papa John‰Ûªs (another of the companies he endorses) pizza franchises in Colorado.Video Credit: AlphaLife.me on YouTubehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-jOVLDUbvQg