1. Biography

Pettifleur Berenger is a member of the cast of Real Housewives of Melbourne.

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2. Income & Salary

Real Housewives of Melbourne is a reality television show that made its debut back in February 23, 2014. The show focuses on the extravagant lives of the cast members. Pettifluer Berenger was born in Sri Lanka. She moved to Australia in her teens, and settled in Melbourne. She is 50 years old and has been married twice. However, she is currently divorced. She has 3 sons and is currently involved in a relationship.

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3. Estimated Net Worth

Pettifleur Berenger character on the reality show is very interesting and lives a life of extravagance in Melbourne. However, she is a very determined, ambitious, and accomplished woman that has achieved much success in her own life. She is a successful property developer in Melbourne, Australia. She loves living a life of luxury and always looks well put together. She lives in a gorgeous penthouse with her 3 sons.The show has maintained its popularity and success in Australia and in other countries. Pettifleur Berenger is one of the latest members and one of the popular members of the cast. Recently, it was revealed that they were returning for a new season of Real Housewives of Melbourne. However, they have not released the cast mates salaries to the public.

How much is Pettifleur Berenger’s Net Worth? $7 Million!

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