1. Biography

Paul McCartney is a British knight, an animal rights spokesperson, an extremely successful solo musician, a former Beatle, and as close to being a billionaire as just about any rock star. The septuagenarian rocker was born James Paul McCartney in the coastal English city of Liverpool on June 18, 1942. An aspiring musician from a young age, McCartney began playing with fellow Liverpudlian John Lennon at the age of 14, and the Lennon/McCartney partnership was one of the driving forces behind the meteoric success of The Beatles in the 1960s. McCartney was the bassist as well as one of the primary singers and songwriters of the group, which sold over half a billion records during the 60s. Although the exact number of records sold and the exact amount of money made by the Fab Four is still under dispute, each Beatle was undoubtedly wealthy when they left the band. As one of the surviving Beatles, McCartney continues to collect royalties on sales of Beatles recordings and other Beatles-related merchandise.

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2. Income & Salary

In the 1970s, Paul McCartney began what has arguably been the most successful solo career of the former Beatles. The McCartney fronted band Wings ‰ÛÒ formed with McCartney‰Ûªs late wife Linda ‰ÛÒ has sold 65 million copies of singles and full-length albums, and throughout his post-Beatles career McCartney has managed to sell nearly 200 million units to date with releases under the Wings name, under his own name, and as experimental act The Fireman. McCartney reunited with George Harrison and Ringo Starr in 1996 for ‰ÛÏThe Beatles Anthology‰Û.

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3. Estimated Net Worth

McCartney also tours on a regular basis, regularly packing stadiums, with many attendees paying top-dollar for premium seats. McCartney‰Ûªs ‰ÛÏDriving World Tour‰Û in 2002 was the 19th highest grossing tour of that decade with a gross that topped $126 million. The 71 year old superstar, who is currently married to Nancy Shevell and has five children, now has a net worth of $800 million.

How much is Paul McCartney’s Net Worth? $800 Million!

Video Transcript:Sir James Paul McCartney was born June 18, 1942 to a nurse and firefighter in Liverpool, England. From his childhood, he knew he wanted to have a musical career. In 1960, he paired up with a group which would later come to be known as The Beatles, one of the most significant, famous bands of all time. Hiss current spouse is Nancy Shevell, though he has been married twice before to Heather Mills and Linda McCartney. He has five children, Stella, Mary, James, Beatrice, and Heather McCartney. Over his musical career, McCartney has co-written over 50 Top 10 singles. From 1960 to 1970, he performed with the popular band The Beatles. To this day, the band’s iconic music continues to bring in millions a year for each band member. Beginning about the time the Beatles started its breakup, he has averaged about an album a year including singles and songs with other artists. In 1979, he wrote and played all the instruments in the song ‰ÛÏWonderful Christmastime,‰Û which has since made him an average of $400,000 to $600,000 a year. In 2013, Paul McCartney was able to earn about $14 million. As one of the most successful musical performers, McCartney pulled in an astonishing $71 million in 2014, only being topped by Madonna, Lady Gaga, and Bon Jovi According to CNN, this prolific star has an estimated net worth of $660 million Other sources claim his net worth to be as high as $1.2 billionVideo Credit: AlphaLife.me on YouTubehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BF6-Z1N6njA