1. Biography

Nicole Garcia-Colace was born on November 21, 1983 16 minutes apart from her twin sister and fellow WWE Diva Brianna Garcia-Colace. åÊThe two grew up in Scottsdale, Arizona. åÊNikki and Brie, also known as the Bella Twins, were avid and accomplished soccer players growing up and played since the 2nd grade. åÊNikki’s mom decided to separate the two into two different classes beginning in third grade to help nurture their independence.

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2. Income & Salary

The move turned out to the the girls advantage because each was able to share friends but also have their own best friend. åÊNikki attended Chaparral High School and moved to San Diego to attend college. åÊGrowing up the twins, then known as the Garcia twins, were very very close but also very different when it came to personal styles, preferences, and personality. åÊLike a lot of identical twins, the pair formulated their own twin speak with elements of Spanglish. åÊAlso like many twins, Nikki and Brie can finish each other’s sentences and can sense what the other is feeling.

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3. Estimated Net Worth

Shortly after both Nikki and Brie decided to remain together and move to San Diego the pair decided to move to Los Angeles. åÊThey looked for work in the entertainment industry and worked in the service industry to support themselves. åÊThey each altered their look to look less like individuals and more like each to capitalize on their twindom. åÊEarly payoffs came in the form ofåÊMeet My Folks reality show and work as the Budweiser World Cup Twins. åÊIn 2006 they auditioned and were offered parts as WWE Divas but turned down the roles not wanting to relocate to the WWE training facility in Florida.A year later, with their mom also meeting with WWE reps, they decided to take on the opportunity. åÊIn 2011 Brie won WWE Divas Championship and Nikki won a year later in April 2012. åÊIn 2013 they both began starring in the E! reality showåÊTotal Divas. åÊBoth sisters have been accomplished athletes their whole lives so they were able to make the difficult demanding transition to WWE superstar. åÊThe two have a huge following in Mexico. åÊThe Bella twins father lives in Nogales where he is the åÊhero to theåÊneighborhood kids who know him as the Bella twins dad.Nikki’s net worth is approximately $1.5 million. åÊShe gets paid a salary of approximately $135,000 by the WWE, which has more than doubled since she was paid a salary of approximately $50,000 in 2012. åÊInterestingly enough Nikki, while she doesn’t plan on giving up wrestling anytime soon, pursued and obtained her real estate license in San Diego to become a realtor. åÊNikki claims she did so to be able to make extra money in the off-season and to help build her career when her wrestling days are over.

How much is Nikki Bella’s Net Worth? $1.5 Million!

[fvplayer src=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9UT8vnj2IZk”]Video Transcript:Nicole Garcia-Colace, known mainly by her ring name Nikki Bella, is an American professional wrestler, model, and actress. She is the twin sister of professional wrestler Brianna Monique Danielson, otherwise known as Brie Bella. The duo is often called The Bella Twins, and they were born on November 21, 1983 in Scottsdale, Arizona. Nikki is currently in a relationship with professional wrestler John Cena. Nikki and John currently reside in Tampa, Florida.Nikki was signed by World Wrestling Entertainment in the summer of 2007 and made her professional wrestling debut in Florida Championship Wrestling in the fall of 2007. She wrestled professionally for several different brands before winning the WWE Divas Championship twice. Nikki has appeared as a guest on the MTV show Ridiculousness, is a member of the main cast of the reality show Total Divas, and has also been on the cover of numerous magazines. She also lends her voice to a character in the upcoming film The Flinstones Movie, along with her twin sister.Nikki Bella’s net worth is currently estimated at $1.5 million. Nikki and her sister have created a strong brand within the wrestling world that allows them to continue to grow a lucrative business.Video Credit: AlphaLife.me on YouTube