1. Biography

Neil Patrick Harris or NPH as he is known by insiders, was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico on June 15, 1973. åÊHarris’s father, Ron, was a lawyer and his mother, Sheila, was a writer. åÊHis father also played folk guitar which Harris sang along to entertaining friends and family. åÊIn 1988 when Harris was 15 years old the family moved to Albuquerque and Harris made his acting debut inåÊPurple People Eater andåÊClara’s Heart. åÊNPH is also an avid amateur åÊmagician has performed magic tricks as a guest on several talk shows including this doozie on Ellen. åÊHarris isåÊPresident of the Board of Directors of Hollywood’s Magic Castle

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2. Income & Salary

Harris became a star and a household name as a child actor in 1989 as the lead onåÊDoogie Howser M.D. about a prodigy doctor the age of a high school student. åÊFunnily enough Harris was in high school as a successful actor andåÊalready a star when he played in his high school senior production ofåÊFiddler on the Roof. åÊAfteråÊDoogie Howser M.D.åÊwent off the air in 1993, Harris took up stage acting and won a Drama-League Award for his part as Mark Cohen in the 1997 production ofåÊRent. Harris has been in a number of broadway plays and musicals. åÊIn 2005 Harris landed a part in the popular TV showåÊHow I Met Your Mother. åÊAlso Harris famously played, not himself, but the fictional character Neil Patrick Harris in Harold & Kumar Go to White CasteåÊandåÊHarold & Kumar Escape fromåÊGuantanamoåÊBay. åÊNormally actors playing themselves are credited with Actor as Himself or Herserlf, but NPH insisted that the credits read Neil Patrick Harris as Neil Patrick Harris because the Neil Patrick Harris in the movie was a fictional character and not based on the real life person. åÊPretty clever! åÊNPH’s charm has been in high demand as host for award shows. åÊIn 2009 alone he hosted the 7th annual TV Land Awards, the 63rd Annual Tony Awards, and the 61st Primtime Emmy Awards. åÊThis absolutely epic opening act for the 2013 Tony Awards is well, epic!

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3. Estimated Net Worth

Harris has a networth of around $29 million and in 2014 was number 86 on Forbes Celebrity 100. åÊHe owns Perreneil’s Restaurant in Albuquerque. åÊHe has a free lifetime supply of Red Bull because he is such a fan the energy drink company gave him a life time supply for giving them so much free advertising. åÊForåÊHow I Met Your Mother he makes $150,000 per episode. åÊRecently he and his long-time partner purchased a 8,000 square foot townhouse at 2036 fifth avenue in Harlem. åÊIt is actually several townhomes that most likely the star will convert into one huge mansion. åÊPurchase price was reportedly $3,582,500. åÊIt is four stories tall and set a neighborhood record for the sale price. åÊThe actor famously tweeted out that he’s “Looking to buy a brownstome in Harlem. åÊFigured someone on Twitter might wanna sell. åÊAny takers?” åÊThe actor got almost 20 responses but some were not necessarily sellers. åÊCan you say, “Do the Harlem Shake!”

How much is Neil Patrick Harris’s Net Worth? $29 Million!