1. Michael Strahan: the Football Legend

If you’ve only encountered Michael on TV starring in Live with Kelly and Michael or the 2009 Fox sitcom Brothers, you would probably be surprised to find out that Michael was a legend on the football field. For 15 years (practically his entire pro-football career), he was signed to the New York Giants as one of the teams most revered defensive ends. In 2001, Michael broke the NFL record for most recorded sacks in a single season, setting the bar at 22.5 sacks.

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2. Michael Strahan: Before the Fame

For those who may already be familiar with Michael’s pro football tenure, you may not know exactly what inspired him to strive for the league. “Well that’s obvious,” you may say, “I’m sure Michael came out of the womb holding a football!” Actually, if truth be told, Michael Strahan didn’t seriously consider football until his senior year of high school. Michael only played one season of high school football until earning a football scholarship from Texas Southern University. After his first season at Texas Southern, Michael went to visit his family for Christmas and told his father that he was done with football. It was his father’s belief in him that inspired Michael to keep pursuing the sport, and he eventually was offered a draft pick in 1993.

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3. Michael Strahan: the Fighter

If there’s anything you need to know about Michael Strahan, it is to absolutely refrain from messing with him. Don’t get me wrong, Strahan is an amazing guy and very easy to get along with. However, he can be a force to be reckoned with when challenged. You can easily ask former teammate, Chris Maumalanga.
When drafted by the giants, Chris Maumalanga quickly earned the reputation as the locker room’s “tough guy” by often picking fights with team members. Eventually, Maumalanga sought a fight with Strahan, one in which Strahan tried to diffuse pretty quickly. Maumalanga’s teasing and provocation didn’t bulge, so Strahan had to Maumalanga what he asked for. Who’s the tough guy now?

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4. Michael Strahan: the Decor Expert!

ne surprising fact about Michael Strahan is that he is quite the connoisseur when it comes to the home and decor. Michael enjoys renovating and decorating houses in his spare time. In 2013, Michael purchased a $17 million estate in Los Angeles. The house includes 9 bedrooms, 16 bathrooms, and a home theater. One can easily see that the decor in the house has been inspired by traditional elements, as the beautiful home is decorated with classic white walls and furniture with a prohibition-style drinking lounge.

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5. Michael Strahan: the Philanthropist

Michael Strahan may be a football legend, however, he’s also earned legend status when it comes to giving back to the community. Strahan has supported several charity groups, such as the American Cancer Society, American Foundation for AIDS Research, Keep a Child Alive, the New York Restoration Project, and countless other organizations. Michael has also created the Michael Strahan Foundation that helps underprivileged children in the greater New York metro area.

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6. Michael Strahan: the Hand Magician

After playing 15 years of pro football, it is no surprise that Strahan has encountered his fair share of sports-related injuries. Many of those injuries have affected his fingers. If one were to look closely, one can see that Michael’s fingers do not align naturally and seem to be bent out of place. Michael attributes the visible alignment issues with his fingers to his position as a defensive end. If you ask him nicely, he may be able to do some super weird tricks for you with his fingers!

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7. Michael Strahan: the Humble Superstar

Many celebrities can admit that they (to a certain extent) enjoy the limelight. Who wouldn’t like to be appreciated for their talents and existence? Apparently, Michael doesn’t. Although Michael loves and appreciates his fans, he’s never been one to enjoy large amounts of attention. Michael is definitely the type of celebrities that can do amazing things and be completely satisfied when they go unnoticed.

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8. Michael Strahan: the Fashion Enthusiast

If there’s one thing that Michael get’s really excited about, it’s shoes! Of course, when he’s fulfilling his TV obligations on Live!, he can be the sharpest fellow in the room. However, when he’s not on TV, he prefers to be dressed down in some of his most fashionable athletic wear. It has been said that his favorite shoe brand is Asics as he admires their bright colored options. Michael has definitely made an imprint on the world of men’s fashion as his popular clothing line at JC Penney reflects his style.

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9. Michael Strahan: the Auto King

Michael Strahan is one of the biggest classic car lovers you could ever meet. His favorite model is the The Aston Martin DB5, initially discharged by Aston Martin in 1963. After a year, the DB5 appeared in 1964’s Goldfinger and turned into the most known and perceived Bond vehicle of the film establishment’s history. Michael most likely doesn’t own a DB5, but it’s probably not because he cannot manage the cost of one. This once popular vehicle is of extreme rarity now, however, we can almost guarantee that Michael will be cruising in a DB5 if he ever get’s his hands on one!

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10. Michael Strahan: the Snoozer

Michael is absolutely not one to bounce out of bed in the morning. The first thing he does each and every morning is hit the snooze button on his clock. While it’s somewhat shocking that Michael isn’t compelled to hop out of the house to get going on his bustling calendar, it’s justifiable that he would need to get only a couple of more minutes of rest. It’s okay, Michael, take a few more moments to snooze!

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Michael Anthony Strahan was born on November 21, 1971 in Houston, Texas.  Strahan’s father was a boxer and an officer (major) in the United States Army.  His mother was a basketball coach. Strahan spent much of his youth, including most of his high school years in Germany as his father was stationed there.

Strahan is the youngest of 6 siblings.  His uncle is the pro football player Art Strahan. In fact, Michael went to live with his Uncle in Houston Texas his senior year in order to play football for Westbury High School in Houston.  The move payed off and Strahan was offered a scholarship with Texas Southern University.  After football was over Strahan went back to Germany to graduate at Mannheim Christian Academy.

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While at Texas Southern University, Strahan was a force on defense and drew double teams prompting his coaching staff to take advantage of open players in a system they dubbed “Strahan rules.”  By his junior year at TSU Strahan was an NFL prospect but he remained to finish out his senior season.  As a senior Strahan was All-American first team for Poor Man’s Guide to the NFL, the Sheridan Netowrk, Edd Hayes Black COllege Sports Report, and the Associated Press.  Strahan was also Division 1-AA Defensive Player of the Year, All-Southerwestern Athletic Conference, SWAC Player of the year for 2 consecutive years and Black College Defensive Player of the Year.  In 1993 Strhan was drafted but sustained an injury early on.

It wasn’t until 1997 that Strahan burst onto the scene and had a break-out year with 14 sacks.  That year he was selected for the Pr0-Bowl for the first time and First Team All-Pro by the Associated Press.  The following year he increased the number of sacks he garnered over the past year from 14 to 16 and was again selected for the Pro-Bowl and AP All-Pro team.  Few defensive ends were more dominant from 1997 to 2005 than Strahan.  In 2001 he was NFL Defensive Player of the Year.  He set the NFL record for sacks in a single season with 22.5.  In 2008 Strahan retired from football, but became a talent as a NFL commentator for Fox Sports.  In 2012 Strahan also won a contest as the official replacement host for Regis on the Live with Regis and Kelly show to the delight of producers who saw ratings go through the roof dwarfing the next most popular show in it’s genre and time slo, the Today Show, by 87%.  Strahan has also been involved with Pros vs Joes as well as produced and starred in the short-lived sitcom Brothers.  

Strahan’s net worth took a big hit in 2007 when it was pegged at around $22 million and the athlete was forced to pay a divorce settlement of $16 million.  The star appealed and was forced to sell a $3.6 million home.  Strahan is doing fine now as host of multiple shows most prominently Live with Kelly and Michael.  Strahan made about $60 million from his playing days and went on to earn about $7 million per year from Fox.  However his paydays from Live should continue to rise since the show is seeing it’s biggest ratings ever.  In fact ABC has asked Strahan to lend some of his charm to Good Morning America which should only serve to fatten up his ABC paycheck.  Michael and main squeeze Nicole Murphy are living in a 10,575 square foot mega mansion in Beverly Park.  The monthly rental price is estimated in the range of a cool $100k  per month.  The couple sold their mansion Bel Air for $11 million netting a profit of about $3 million in just 1 year.

UPDATE: With the new GMA contact that strahan signed, we estimate his new net worth to be…

How much is Michael Strahan’s Net Worth? $89 Million!

Video Transcript:

Michael Strahan is a retired football player and current television personality that was born in Houston, Texas, on November 21, 1971. Michael Strahan was married to Wanda Hutchins until 1996. They had their first child, Tanita, in 1992. They would also have a son named Michael in 1995. Strahan would marry Jean Muggli in 1999, and they would have twin daughters, Sophia and Isabelle, in 2004 before ultimately getting divorced in 2006.

After a successful career at Texas Southern University, Michael Strahan was drafted in the second round by the New York Giants in the 1993 NFL Draft. Michael Strahan would struggle early in his career, but he would quickly become one of the best defensive ends in the NFL. He would set an NFL record when he recorded 22.5 sacks in the 2001 season. Michael Strahan would make the Pro Bowl seven times in career. He would win the Super Bowl in 2008, and he would be elected into the Hall of Fame in 2014. Strahan joined “Fox NFL Sunday” after retiring prior to the 2008 season. He would used his extremely likable personality to become the host of “Live! with Kelly and Michael.” He has also become a full-time contributor to “Good Morning America.”

Michael Strahan currently has a net worth of approximately $45 million. He has earned a salary of $10 million in 2013 and 2014 for his work on “Live! with Kelly and Michael” and “Good Morning America.” Michael Strahan also earns money from other hosting gigs and endorsements.

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