1. Biography

Who is counting? åÊReally! Who is counting? åÊHow can you count that high? åÊCan he buy anything? åÊMichael Rubens Bloomberg was born on February 14, 1942 and is the 16th richest person in the world. åÊHis father, William Henry Bloomberg, was a real estate agent. åÊHis paternal grandfather immigrated from Russia and his maternal grandfather immigrated from nearby Belarus. åÊBloomberg’s family settled just outside Boston in Medford. åÊGrowing upåÊBloomberg was in the boy scouts and even made Eagle Scout rank. åÊBloomberg attended Johns Hopkins University graduating with a BS degree in electrical engineering in 1964. åÊWhile at JHU he conceived of and constructed the school mascot the blue jay. åÊBloomberg then attended Harvard Business School graduating in 1966.

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2. Income & Salary

Bloomberg’s åÊfirst job out of graduate school was on Wall Street with the Salomon Brothers. åÊHe did well during his time there and it was not long until he was partner in 1972. åÊSalomon was bought out in 1981, and Bloomberg struck out on his own forming Bloomberg L.P. that built financial software, which ended up revolutionizing Wall Street and becoming a standard must-have tool for traders. åÊBloomberg L.P. became extremely successful and had offices all around the world within a short time. åÊNow the services has expanded to include news with it’s own financial cable new station. åÊ After dominating the financial software niche Bloomberg went into politics and became mayor of New York City for 12 years. åÊWhile there he famously was able to tackle tough “untouchable” issues such as obesity. åÊBloomberg helped pass laws to limit the size of sodas and requiring restaurants such as McDonalds to post calorie information inside their store. åÊNow in New York City with obesity becoming an extremely expensive and dangerous health problem retailers are actually not allowed to sell soda in sizes larger than 16 ounces. New York City also led the front on anti-smoking laws that became the standard for the rest of westernåÊEurope as well as the rest of the United States.

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3. Estimated Net Worth

Bloomberg can buy just about anything he wants with an estimated net worth of $33 billion. Not only does he have $33 billion but his fortune has grown considerably since becoming a billionaire. åÊ In 2009 Forbes reported his net worth at $16 billion and a year later at $22 billion. åÊ Mr. Bloomberg is extremely philanthropic and recently pledged $100 million to the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation to eradicate polio. åÊHe also is extremely well versed in global issues and has donated about $53 million to help restore the ocean’s dwindling fisheries, which is a major food source for the world’s poor. åÊDuring his term as mayor, Bloomberg spent $650 million of his own money to be the mayor. åÊHe famously took a salary as mayor of $1.00 per year and did not use any of the government’s money for mayoral activities. åÊHe funded his campaigns and all his expenses himself including expenses such as the $890,000 bill for breakfast and lunch for him and his staffers during his time in åÊoffice. åÊNow that is public service! åÊFor his personal use Bloomberg has invested in real estate and owns at least 2 properties in Manhattan. åÊOne NY mansion åÊis reported to be on 5th avenue and is five stories and 12,500 square feet. åÊBloomberg has stated that it has an elevator but he takes the stairs and encouraged all New Yorkers to do the same. åÊBloomberg also owns estates in Bermuda, Vail, Colorado, London, and a 22,000 square feet mansion in the Hamptons, the Ballyshear Estate, purchased for $20 million. åÊReportedly the former mayor also purchased several adjacent lots when acquiring the vacation estate.

How much is Michael Bloomberg’s Net Worth? $33 Million Billion!