1. Biography

Martin Fitzgerald Lawrence was born on April 16, 1965 in Frankfurt am Main in Germany. åÊLawrenceåÊwas named after Martin Luther King, Jr. and John Fitzgerald Kennedy the president. åÊHis father was in the military and a police officer. åÊHis mother, who gained custody after his parents divorce worked several jobs to support Lawrence and his 3 siblings. åÊLawrence claims he began his comedic “career”, so to speak, trying to cheer up his mother. åÊTeachers also used to allow Lawrence to spend the last minutes of class doing stand-up as well. åÊMartin attended 4 different high schools including Eleanor Roosevelt High School in Maryland and Thomas G. Pullen School of Creative and Performing Arts.

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2. Income & Salary

Lawrence moved to New York and started doing performances atåÊThe Improv. åÊHe was actually discovered after almost winning “Star Search.” åÊAfter being discovered he was given the role of Maurice on “What’s Happening Now.” åÊLawrence made his movie debut in Spike Lee’såÊDo the Right Thing. åÊLawrence became host of Russell Simmons Def Comedy JamåÊwhere many now famous African-American comedians got their start. åÊHuge success followed the star with the launch of the T.V. showåÊMartinåÊthat ran from 1992 to 1997 for 132 episodes. åÊAfter the final episode ofåÊMartin,åÊLawrence had no problem landing major movie roles. åÊLawrence was in a lot of blockbusters including the star in the successful franchiseåÊBig Momma’s House. åÊHis salary gradually grew from $6 million in 1997, the year Martin went off the airåÊforåÊNothing to Lose to A List levels of $20 million per role foråÊNational Security andåÊBad Boys II both released in 2003. åÊMartin has 36 acting credits and was a writer on his showåÊMartin.åÊ

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3. Estimated Net Worth

In 1994 Martin hosted åÊ”Saturday Night Live” and was told by producers to change his original version of the monolgue, but when the lights went on Martin performed the unapproved version of the monologue infuriating producers and NBC executives. åÊBeing a live TV show nothing could be done to stop the airing. åÊHe was banned from NBC, which has since been lifted, by he continues to be banned for life from Saturday Night Live. åÊNo one is trying to hate but Lawrence did have several major episodes that can only be described as “unusual.” åÊHis was arrested in the middle of Ventura Blvd in LA holding a gun screaming, “They trying to kill me!” åÊ Lawrence was also sued by his co-star, Tisha Campbell-Martin, onåÊMartin for abuse. åÊThe case was settled by HBO but with the agreement that, strangely enough, the two did not appear in any scenes together – strange because they played husband and wife on the show. åÊLawrence also collapsed and went into a coma for 3 days while jogging during 100 degree summer heat wearing several layers of heavy clothing. åÊHis internal body temperature was measured at way past lethal levels to a brain-frying 107 degrees. åÊHealth experts and non experts agree that this Lawrence devisedåÊweight loss method is ineffective.Lawrence has been through a number of divorces but most recently he listed his 15,000 square foot home for $26,5 million reportedly to liquidate all his assets to prevent a massive divorce settlement. åÊThe house features 7-bedrooms and 9-bathrooms, a built in aquarium and rents for $200k per month. åÊThe house is opulent, even decadent, with a french style. åÊTo get an idea of the type of opulence and design of the house check out the pink bathroom pictured below.One of the bathrooms of Lawrence’s 15,000 square foot Beverly Hills home:lawrence bathroom

How much is Martin Lawrence’s Net Worth? $112 Million!