1. Biography

Public relations guru and TV personality Marissa Hermer is a California native born on December 30, 1981. Raised in Newport Beach (although born in Laguna Beach), her childhood was typical. She shared hikes, roller blades, beach excursions and lemonade stands with a brother and pet Labrador. Marissa attended Santa Catalina, a private high school, and Middlebury College. After graduating from these institutions, this dynamic blonde started a lucrative PR career. She worked in New York for Nadine Johnson Associates and then, subsequently, Ian Schrager. With the latter, she opened up Gramercy Park Hotel and Rose Bar. This venture led to a reconnection with an old friend, Matt Hermer. A romance bloomed which led to a relocation overseas. Together, in London, they forged together in a company (the Ignite Group) establishing several restaurants and entertainment venues. They also had two kids: Jake and Max.

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2. Income & Salary

Up until 2014, Marissa Hermer vigorously toiled away behind the scenes. Only upper crust socialites and fashion industry people who used her services knew of this woman‰Ûªs name. Consequently, after becoming a cast member of reality series Ladies of London, this all changed. A fan favorite, viewers got a peek into her busy, but productive world. She entered the show pregnant and displayed to other mothers her method for balancing household duties, spousal responsibilities and work. In turn, Marissa got free publicity for all of her ventures and $10,000 for each episode.

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3. Estimated Net Worth

As of 2015, Marissa Hermer has an estimated net worth of $20 million. The bulk of her wealth comes from PR and business dealings. So, she continues down this road. Currently, Hermer is promoting and building new restaurants while engaging consumers through her website and reality TV show. Her image project the face of a modern day mom, one who juggles many hats and successfully.

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