1. Million dollar kid

Macaulay Culkin was the first ever child actor to receive one million dollars for a single movie. His fame skyrocketed after the success of Home Alone, and it was the 1991 tragicomedy My Girl in which he scored the million dollar deal. The movie campaign even used the slogan “Mack is Back” as selling point for the movie.

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2. He hated his first on-screen kiss

Culkin also had his first onscreen kiss during the movie My Girl movie with actress Anna Chlumsky. However, he apparently found kissing to be gross, and it took about 15 takes to finally get it right. However, it apparently turned out well, as the duo won the MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss in 1991.

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3. He was close confidants with Michael Jackson

Macauley Culkin was introduced to Michael Jackson through his work on Jackson’s music video for the song “Black or White.” Culkin appears in the interlude as a kid dancing along to rock music in his bedroom. Culkin continued to get to know Michael on a personal level, and slept over at his house on several occasions. When MIchael fell under suspicion for child molestation. He adamantly denied Jackson ever being inappropriate with him or ever witnessing any inappropriate behavior with other children. When the accusations went to court in 2005, Culkin testified for his friend. He still remains ties with the Jackson family as he is godfather to two of Michael’s children, Prince Michael and Paris Jackson. He also attended Jackson’s burial on September 3rd, 20009.

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4. Culkin’s biggest role was written specifically for him

It wouldn’t be a list about Macauley Culkin without mentioning Home Alone. John Hughes, the writer and producer of Home Alone, drew inspiration for the film from a previous family comedy he directed and Culkin starred in, Uncle Buck. Hughes had a hunch about Culkin’s contagious charisma in this film and knew he would be perfect for the leading role as Kevin McAllister in Home Alone. Although he auditioned over 200 other children, he knew that it was Macauley Culkin all along who was meant for the part. His instinct about Culkin obviously turned out to be true, as the movie was the highest grossing film of 1990 and earned a Guinness World Record as the highest grossing live-action comedy ever domestically. Macauley Culkin became a child star icon, and won the American Comedy Award for Funniest Actor and was also nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical.

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5. He’s in a band that pays tribute to pizza

That’s right, pizza. The Pizza Underground was officially formed in 2013. The five member band parodies songs by the famous rock band Velvet Undergound, but substitutes the original lyrics with pizza-themed ones. The bands’ debut came to be known to the world through a viral video in which Culkin is pictured eating a slice of cheese pizza, which in itself was a parody of a scene from a documentary titled 66 Scenes from America in which Andy Warhol consumes a Burger King Whopper. The band released a cassette demo and several music videos in 2014. They then proceeded to go on tour but were booed off stage at the Dot to Dot Festival in Nottingham, England.

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6. The talent runs in the family

Macaulay wasn’t the only member of the Culkin clan born with the acting gene. His younger brother, Kieran, acted alongside him in Home Alone as Fuller, Kevin’s bed wetting cousin.
He became a successful actor in his won right, as he went on to star in several notable films including Cider House Rules, Father of the Bride, and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. His work in the 2002 film Igby Goes Down earned him a nomination for a Golden Globe Award for best actor.

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7. He was married at the age of 17

In 1997, Culkin met actress Rachel Miner at New York’s Professional Children School and married one year later in Connecticut. The marriage was short lived, as they divorced after two years. Culkin then went on to date Mila Kunis for nearly eight years.

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8. His love for performing began early

Yes, it began even earlier than Home Alone (in which he was eleven years old). Culkin performed in his first Off-Broadway play at the age of 4. He was a serious student of the performing arts, as he intently studied ballet at the Blanchine’s School of the American Ballet. Before Home Alone, he also starred in several television commercials and made his first on-screen debut in 1988 as a kidnapped victim in the film Rocket Gilbratar.

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9. Culkin had a troubled home life

After announcing his retirement from acting at the age of 14, his father, whom he found to be overbearing and controlling of the child’s career, left. A high stakes custody battled ensued, and eventually Macauley had enough and had his parents legally blocked from his fortune. He has remained estranged from his father ever since.

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10. He was the target of a celebrity death hoax…twice.

The first rumor was spread in April 2014, in which a memorial website was even created for the actor. The second hoax happened just a short time later in November 2014, as fans saw MSNBC.website.com claiming that there were unconfirmed reports that Culkin was found dead in his Manhattan apartment. This website is not at all affiliated with the real MSNBC site, however, many social media users did not notice and rumors quickly spread. Culkin quickly dispelled the rumors in a comical manner as he posted an Instagram picture paying homage to a scene from the movie Weekend at Bernie’s.

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Macaulay Carson Culkin was born in Manhattan, New York on August 26, 1980. The third of seven children, he has four brothers and two sisters: Shane, Dakota, Kieran, Quinn, Christian and Rory. He was raised in a Roman Catholic household and studied ballet as a child. Culkin was married to actress Rachel Miner from 1998 to 2002, when the pair divorced. Their union produced no children, and Culkin has no children to date. Culkin was romantically linked to actress Mila Kunis from 2002 to 2010, when the pair split amicably and remained dear friends.

Culkin began acting at age four and began garnering film roles almost immediately. He was paid 40 thousand dollars for his starring role in the 1989 comedy Uncle Buck, then collected 100 thousand for his part in the first Home Alone movie. A box office smash, Home Alone spawned a sequel for which Culkin was paid 4.5 million dollars to reprise his role. He also starred in the tragic comedy My Girl and collected a million dollars. He followed up with starring roles in Getting Even with Dad and Richie Rich, both fo which earned him eight million dollars.

Culkin has often been quoted as stating he retired from acting at the age of 14. He has been out of the acting business for so long that his earnings are no longer tracked by year with any verifiable accuracy, however he is believed to be worth about 15 million dollars. A lot of his childhood earnings were squandered by his father, and most of his income now comes from bit parts, appearance fees and some foreign advertising work.

How much is Macaulay Culkin’s Net Worth? $15 Million!