1. Biography

Louis Svekely was born on September 12, 1967 in Washington D.C. åÊThe comedians parents met while attending Harvard. åÊC.K. mother is a software engineer and his father an economist and Mexican citizen. åÊC.K. actually spent the first 7 years of his life in Mexico City and his first language in Spanish. åÊC.K.’s family moved to Boston, which is where he spent the remainder of his childhood growing up.

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2. Income & Salary

C.K. started out doing open mike stand-up in 1984 and went on to open for Jerry Seinfeld and host comedy clubs. åÊHe later worked as a writer in 1996 alongsideåÊStephen Colvert, Charlie Kaufman, and Robert Smigel writing for “The Dana Carvey Show.” åÊThe following year he was a writer for friend Chris Rock on the Chris Rock show. åÊC.K. has been nominated for 25 primetime Emmy awards and is frequently a guest performing stand up on Letterman, Conan O’Brien, George Lopez, Leno, and Jimmy Kimmel. åÊThe comedian claims to be inspired by George Carlin’s work ethic. åÊCarlin famously started over from scratch every year and came up with new material. åÊIn 2007 he released his first specialåÊShameless that aired on HBO. åÊIn 2008 he releasedåÊChewed Up this time for Showtime. åÊåÊIn ’09 C.K. independently producedåÊHilarious which he then sold to Comedy Central. åÊTaking it a step further, C.K. independently releasedåÊLive at the Beacon Theater and distributed it himself as well by selling the show for digital download on his own website for $5.00 without any digital rights management. åÊWithin 10 days the comedian made $1 million dollars on his website and continues to make approximately $5,000 per week since then. åÊThe comedian alsoåÊannounced he would sell tickets for his comedy tour for a flat price of $45. åÊFollowing that announcement on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, the comedian brought in a whopping $4 million in one day.

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3. Estimated Net Worth

C.K. is responsible for rewriting the playbook on how comedy is sold. åÊMany other comedians are now following in C.K’s footsteps. åÊAs for C.K. himself he lives in Boston and New York but very little is known about his houses or how he spends his money. åÊHe has a net worth estimated between 8 and 18 million. åÊHe is #97 on the Forbes celebrity 100 who also pegs his net worth at $16 million. åÊC.K. has lived in the luxurious Apthorp modernized apartments on the upper West Side built in 1908 on Broadway between 78th and 79th streets. The building that takes up a block has a special cachet and has always been one of Manhattan’s most refined properties. åÊIt features a central courtyard, 2 fountains, and ornamental gates. åÊOther celebrity residents include Nora Ephron and Al Pacino. åÊFeatures of a recent renovation include engraved crown molding, wood-paneled walls, and Baccarat chandeliers. åÊOne four bedroom huge duplex condo is priced at $9.995 million. åÊIt includes a marble staircase, lucite chairs, and marble countertops. åÊA five bedroom unit at 4,252 square feet is listed for $10.995 million.

How much is Louis C.K.’s Net Worth? $10 Million!