1. Biography

In the Miami business community Lea Black is a well-known figure, mover and giver to charities and non-profits. Her net worth is admirable, reaching $65 million in 2013. No surprise, her fame garnered Black attention on the TV show, The Real Housewives of Miami. However, televised fame was not Black‰Ûªs source of her financial reputation. She built her empire in the cosmetics, beauty and health product markets. Once those products and ventures took hold, she then diversified into fitness gyms as well.

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2. Income & Salary

Lea‰Ûªs start in life was not as a singular person. She shared her Texas family roof with four sisters and was the groundbreaker of the siblings being the oldest. Her career in fitness began when she started managing one gym of Fitness World, which quickly grew into management of 40 different sites for the company. Based on her knowledge and experience by 1986, Lea then decided to take a big risk and start Lea Cosmetics Int. The timing was good and products were a hit, especially through TV infomercial marketing. She also picked up on the fact that her primary market demographic was European and Latin women, so Lea relocated to Miami for stronger connections.

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3. Estimated Net Worth

Lea gained her current surname from her husband, who was a lawyer on a murder case she served on as a juror. A year after the case they met again and developed a relationship. Lea took her husband‰Ûªs the last name and continued her ventures. Black has not been greedy with her wealth. In fact, she‰Ûªs also developed a strong name in philanthropy, providing gift funds to a number of non-profits and charities. In fact, her giving was so notable, a documentary was produced about her help of so many different organizations. These have included groups helping at-risk youth, vocation improvement, and education goals. Closer to the heart, Black shares her life and wealth with her husband, Roy Black, and their son RJ, who is a 11 years.

How much is Lea Black’s Net Worth? $65 Million!