1. Biography

A number of folks in the business world and regular life may have never heard of Katrina Hodgson if they haven‰Ûªt been into fitness and diet. However, those who have decided to focus on fitness training are more likely than not to be familiar with her growing name.

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2. Income & Salary

Katrina has made her financial career as a model and as a personal fitness trainer who now can claim a net worth of $300,000 to her name. Her career was definitely oriented for health and fitness, starting off with a college health science degree and a focus on being a trainer. However, it was her appearance as a regular face and expert on the Diethealth Channel that really boosted Hodgson‰Ûªs fame. Now, through the power and viral linking of You Tube, Katrina has been able to leverage her image and fitness work in a series of fitness products and media. She‰Ûªs been seen in multiple fitness portfolios, programs and magazine articles, and her own biography includes over 200 videos online. Katrina also has a recognized certification in fitness training from national fitness organizations and standards associations. Hodgson continues on her path, producing new products every year on fitness and diet, as well as sports nutrition. She also has a claim to fame in the creation of the fitness ‰ÛÏToneItUp‰Û video series.

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3. Estimated Net Worth

So if you haven’t heard of Katrina Hodgson, you just might after a New Year’s resolution to lose weight. Her name is becoming synonymous with fitness online and sport nutrition.

How much is Katrina Hodgson’s Net Worth? $300 Thousand!