1. Biography

John Joseph Travolta was born on February 18, 1954 in Englewood, New Jersey and has had an incredibly full life that isn’t over yet! åÊThe entertainment legend is one of six children of Helen and Salvatore Travolta. åÊTravolta’s father owned a tire repair shop in Hillsdale, NJ, Travolta Tires. åÊTravolta’s mother enrolled the precocious youngster in drama school in New York City where he studied voice, singing, and dancing. åÊThough it is often thought Travolta started acting when he became a household name with Welcome Back, Kotter, Travolta actually was in several TV, commercial, and movie roles prior to landing that big break. åÊHe was even in the broadway show “Grease” åÊ(before the movie). åÊIt’s hard to talk about John Travolta and not talk about aviation. åÊTravolta is actually an extremely accomplished pilot He has made at least 2 safe emergency landings when equipment failure hindered his plane. åÊOne notable incident took place when he successfully landed a Gulfstream IIB at Washington National when it experienced complete electrical failure during icing and at night. åÊAnother landing wasåÊsuccessfully completed in a Boeing 707 in Ireland on a flight that was originally planned to go from Germany to New York. åÊTravolta is qualified on many different types of aircraft as well as owns a number of aircraft including a Learjet, a Gulfstream and a Boeing 707. åÊHis 707 was previously built in 1964 for QANTAS. åÊTravolta painted the aircraft back to its original QANTAS colors and did a worldwide press junket for the airline in return for training on the 747 -400 as a first officer. åÊTravolta was Master of Ceremony at the Centennial of Flight Celebration at Kitty Hawk and was presented to John Glenn Aviation’s highest award. åÊAmong other iconic moments in the star’s life was when in 1985 Princess Diana asked him to dance at a White House event. åÊTravolta is good friends with Kirstie Alley, Dakota Fanning, and Robin Williams. åÊHe has been married to Kelly Preston since 1991.

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2. Income & Salary

Travolta dropped out of high school and moved to New York to pursue an acting career and never looked back. åÊHe successfully landed roles while in New York, but when work dried up he moved to Hollywood. åÊTravolta did find himself back in New York for a broadway production of “Grease.” åÊHowever, he found himself permanently in Hollywood and was in 79 of 93 episodes of “Welcome Back, Kotter” beginning in 1975. åÊTravolta’s first major hit came in 1977 with Saturday Night Fever. åÊFor the part he spent nine months learning how to dance to disco music. åÊTravolta looks quite young for his age so it’s hard to believe he was born in 1954. åÊActually Travolta has met and was friends with the legendary actors James Cagney, Cary Grant, and Barbara Stanwyck. åÊHowever, most people who think of Travolta’s career think of how he languished during the 80’s popping up withåÊLook Who’s Talking before coming back on the scene in full force inåÊPulp Fiction in 1994. åÊWhat many do not know is that Travolta has had the longevity and career of 2 or 3 actors in one lifetime that is hardly over yet. åÊHe actually has 68 acting credits to his name and at the time of this writing 4 movies are announced or in pre-production. åÊAlso, Travolta was not the original pick, believe it or not , for Vincent Vega in Pulp Fiction. åÊMichael Madsen’s was slotted for the role but had a conflict. åÊInteresting enough, Michael Madsen and John Travolta’s characters are brothers in the Quentin Tarantino universe. åÊVic Vega fromåÊReservoir Dogs is Vincent Vega from Pulp Fiction’såÊbrother. åÊAll that is not to say Travolta wouldn’t have had a break if not for getting the part. åÊTravolta turned down 4 roles that eventually went to Richard Gere and 3 roles that went to Tom Hanks – many of which are unbelievable hits such as Apollo 13, Forrest Gump, An Officer and a Gentleman, and Chicago! åÊFew also know that Travolta is a book author and musician having released several albums.

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3. Estimated Net Worth

Travolta’s net worth is around $160 million owing to the fact he is undeniably one of Hollywood’s elite A-List actors. åÊStudios rely on him for his bankable status and he has many many pay days for film roles since 1997 over $20 million each. åÊIMDB, which is incomplete lists 8 $20 million plus pay days and 12 $10 million plus paydays. åÊWith his money he famously indulges in his passion for aviation owning not only several aircraft but also a home on an airstrip in Florida with drive up taxi ways to his house. åÊThe house is in Jumbolair which is like a country club, but instead of golf it caters to aviation enthusiasts. åÊOutside of his florida aviation pad Travolta also owned a house in Hawaii which he sold to Kathy Ireland becoming part of Ireland’s resort business. åÊTravolta currently also owns homes in California and Maine but his main residence is in Florida.

How much is John Travolta’s Net Worth? $165 Million!