1. Biography

In 1954, John Joseph Travolta, was born on the 18th day of February in Englewood, New Jersey, to Helen Cecilia Burke, an Irish-American, and father, Salvatore Travolta, a second generation Italian- He was the youngest out of five other siblings. His parents raised their children in the Irish community of Englewood. Dropping out of high school in his junior year, he made his way across the Hudson to New York, beginning his career in the play Grease. In 1991 he married Kelly Preston- together they were blessed with three children- Jett, Ella Blue, and Benjamin, born in 2010 in Florida.

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2. Income & Salary

With a career spanning numerous decades, he’s well known for his many rolls that’s earned him forty-one awards and thirty-eight nominations. He was also nominated for the Best Actor Oscar at age 24. He was one of only a few, he became one of the youngest performers offered that distinction. Saturday Night Fever was nominated for both an Oscar and Golden Globe as was Pulp Fiction. In the 1980’s after several movie failures, his career came almost to a halt, until the 1990’s. After he landed a leading role in Pulp Fiction and Look Who’s Talking Now with Kirsty Ally, his career began to vastly improve. With his career rising, he landed roles in numerous movies, such as: Swordfish and Wild Hogs. In which he paired up with legendary actors, Tim Allen and Martin Lawrence. In 2014, among his many other awards and achievements, he won the IIFA Award.

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3. Estimated Net Worth

From a normal American boy- to a man who is extremely successful in his career, John Travolta is among the wealthiest celebrities in Hollywood. In 2013 he earned 16.8 million- with 2014 earnings come in at 19.4 million, seeing a very nice increase from the previous year. The current estimated amount earned for 2015 comes in just shy of 300k, with 2015 estimated to bring in around 22.6 million. An amount that no one would sneer at.

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