1. Francis Used to Work for Real TV

Joseph R Francis was born April 1, 1973 in Atlanta, GA. He’s best known as the founder and creator of the controversial Girls Gone Wild series. Prior to 1998, Francis worked on the program Real TV as a production assistant. In ’98, he released a film named Banned from Television. This series is what would eventually inspire the Girls Gone Wild series. At Real TV, Joe would someties run accross footage that was too graphic for Real TV to show. In time, Francis came up with idea of compiling this footage for the new show, Banned from Television. Then, while looking at footage for Banned from Television, Joe started to compile footage that would eventually start the Girls Gone Wild Series.

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2. Yikes, He’s Has a LONG Wrap Sheet

It’s easy to imagine that legal battles and bad environments have surrounded Joe, given the nature of his business. From some testiments, he also seems to have somewhat of an anger issue. At vsarious times, Francis has been pleaded no contest to child abuse and prosititution. He has also been convicted of dissuading a witness, record keeping violations, false imprisonment, assault causing great bodily harm, bribery, and tax evasion. Yikes!

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3. He and Steve Wynn are NOT Buddies!

Supposedly, Joe became quite the gambler with all of his new found money and fame! It sounds like he racked up quite the gambling debt and fued with Wynn Resorts Founder Steve Wynn. On two seperate occasions, Wynn took Francis to court for basically running his mouth. Steve Wynn sued and won both times. In the second case, Wynn was awarded $40 million in damages, though a judge later reduced it to $21 million. Repordedly, Wynn Resorts is the cause for Joe Francis’ filimng of Bankruptcy in his corporation which has caused him to bascially live as an outlaw in Mexico. Joe violated part of the terms of the bankruptcy and technically can be arrested for it, but US/Mexico laws do not allow extradition for such offesnses.

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4. Salary and Earnings

Within the first 2 years of founding Girls Gone Wild, Joe Francis had sold more $20 million in DVD’s. He was smart enough to engage in direct marketing via infomercials and direct maikling which led to a huge surge in immediate sales. By 2002, Francis had a “reported” income of $13.9 million, BUT this is focal point of many of the federal legal battles surrounding Joe. Supposedly, he was hiding a ton of income in off-shore banking accounts and also funneling money elsewhere. Regardless, it sounds like he was making well into the 8-figure range per year at that point.

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5. Estimated Net Worth

Since roughly 2012, Joe Francis has been getting pounded by one legal battle after another, starting with the IRS and Steve Wynn. At it’s height, Joe’s net worth was estimated to be around $150 million. We have a much lower esrtimate nowadays. He’s pretty much been sued for almost all that he once accumulated from what our research shows. $21 million to Steve Wynn, $7.5 milion to Steve Wynn, tens of millions to the IRS, millions and millions squandered and spent… there’s just not that much left over and we couldn’t find any stable sources of income besides investments that could have come from the one-time large fortune that Joe had accumalated. He is still iving in his palace in Mexico and obviously surviving, but at a much lower net worth obviously. We estimate the net worth of Joe Francis in 2020 and 2021 to be roughly $20 million.

How much is Joe Francis’s Net Worth? $20 Million!

Legacy Net Worth, Salary, and Biographical Information

The famous, or infamous (depending who you ask), Joe Francis was born April 1, 1973 in Atlanta, Georgia to Raymond and Maria Francis. Raymond led a career in advertising before running a business called Daddy Crisp Potato Chips and Maria was a stay-at-home mom, doting on Joe. The family moved from Atlanta to Newport Beach, CA when Joe was 7. Joe, always the rascal, got into trouble at his new school and was sent finally to Rumsey Hall in New England, where he continued his shenanigans, and ultimately, was kicked out and sent back home to Newport. Joe was sent off several more times to various reform academies, before finally graduating and setting his sights on USC. At university, Joe found his calling and whetted his appetite for the business of media taking courses in film, television and business before earning his Bachelor’s Degree in 1995.

After bouncing around odd jobs, Joe had a serendipitous experience as a production assistant at “Real TV.” Here, Joe learned the potential of salacious material, and got his idea for “Banned from Television” – the seed of what would become the international phenomenon known as “Girls Gone Wild.” The rest, as they say, is history. Howard Stern accepted “Girls Gone Wild” commercials during his show on the E! Channel, and the product took off. Demand exploded, and 60 second TV spots ballooned into 30-minute infomercials that Francis dubbed “entermercial.” Soon, “Girls Gone Wild” was a $100 Million company and Playboy contacted Francis to develop two products for their presitigious brand: “Playboy Mansion Parties:Uncensored” and “Playboy’s Casting Calls.” Soon, Hollywood wanted in on the action, and celebrities like Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Bubba Sparxx and Baby Bash invited Francis along for tours. Girls Gone Wild today is a staggeringly profitable and diversified global media company with thousands of employees, represented by everything from television shows to a men’s magazine that ranks 5th amongs all offerings in the genre.

Joe Francis continues to expand his empire, expertly marketing both his product and personal brand to increase awareness. In 2012 and 2013, Joe was able to take home over $13 million AFTER personal expenses and taxes. As it stands today, Joe Francis is worth $176,730,000 and counting.