1. Flipping Out got Jeff Lewis fired from his dream job.

Despite having a TV series, Jeff Lewis says that his dream job was being the creative director of Living Spaces, a company that sells furniture and home decor. Unfortunately, he lost his dream job when, during an episode of Flipping Out, he chastised an employee named Channa for forgetting to bring props to a photo shoot. In her blog, Jenni Pulos, Jeff’s partner and a cast member on Flipping Out, accused Channa of intentionally botching the photo shoot to provoke Jeff and get him fired. Despite this, Jeff was never exonerated or given back his dream job, but at least he still has his TV show.

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2. Jeff Lewis almost sued Jenni Pulos.

Jeff Lewis was told that his longtime partner and castmate, Jenni Pulos, was writing a memoir, but he wasn’t told that the book would portray him in a negative light or use him as a selling point. The book was going to be called Hang in There, Baby: What One of the World’s Most Difficult Bosses Taught Me About Life, Work and Love, but after Lewis filed a lawsuit against Pulos, and dropped it almost instantly, the book’s name was changed to Grin and Bear It: How to Be Happy No Matter What Reality Throws Your Way.

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3. Before he designed homes, Jeff used to sell them.

When Flipping Out started airing, Jeff Lewis was someone who bought houses and flipped them for a profit, hence the name of the show. However, just a few months into the show’s run, the housing market collapsed. Consequently, he had to refocus his career from selling homes to designing them.

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4. Jeff Lewis never planned to work in entertainment.

While in college, Jeff Lewis took courses in political science and law, but, inspired by his father, he decided to go into real estate, where he made his fortune. He never considered a career in show business, but upon request, he allowed Jenni Pulos to use his office to film a project of hers. Within two days, Lewis was contacted by the television network, Bravo, and the rest is history.

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5. Jeff Lewis used to have another show.

Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis aired on Bravo during the off-season of Flipping Out. It featured Lewis staying in the homes of his clients as he renovated them, giving them relationship advice all the while. The show lasted for two seasons, which aired in 2012 and 2013, respectively.

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6. Jeff pranked a talk show host with the help of a “Real Housewife.”

Jeff Lewis once teamed up with Brandi Glanville, best known as a cast member on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, to pull a prank on Andy Cohen, the host of Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live. While appearing on the show, Lewis joked that he might get an STD if he ran his fingers through Glanville’s hair, setting her up for a staged meltdown in which she threw a glass of wine at him and claimed that she really did have an STD. She then spent over a minute pretending to cry until, finally, Cohen intervened. Glanville later tweeted that what sounded like crying was actually laughter, and that the she had planned the stunt beforehand with Lewis.

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7. Jeff Lewis is a gay dad.

Not only is Jeff Lewis openly gay, but he’s been in a relationship with a man named Gage Edward for six years, and the two of them have conceived a daughter through a surrogate. The baby girl is expected to arrive in October 2016 to her loving family and, likely, a set of cameras.

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8. Jeff Lewis has his own line of paint.

Jeff Lewis Color is a line of paint that can be purchased at your local Home Depot or on the chain’s website. There are thirty-three different products available in the line, each with ten different options.

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9. Jeff Lewis has a speaking career.

In addition to being a reality show host and interior decorator, Jeff Lewis is currently offering his services as a public speaker. According to his website, he speaks at real estate conventions, home shows, corporate events, luncheons, cocktail parties, and universities.

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10. Jeff Lewis does not have a Wikipedia article.

Despite having two TV shows, a speaking career, a line of paint, and several other accomplishments, Jeff Lewis does not have his own Wikipedia article. There are articles about his shows, but there is no article about him as an individual. It is unknown why Jeff Lewis lacks an article or whether he will ever have one.

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[fvplayer src=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WLZgyheYe4M”]

Jeff Lewis was born in Orange County, California, on March 24, 1970. He graduated from college in 1993 and started working immediately as a real estate agent.

He opened his own business years later called Jeff Lewis Designs. He started buying homes to flip. He would buy homes that could be renovated successfully and sold for a large profit. He lives with his partner, Gage Edward. They are purchasing a home that Lewis flipped and sold years ago. The two are considering starting a family soon too.

Lewis considers himself a driven individual. At one time, his entire business consisted of buying and selling homes for a profit after renovating and designing the interiors. Reportedly, one of the homes he purchased and sold netted him a million in profit alone. In 2007 after the housing market crashed, Lewis began diversifying his career to include more than house flipping while he sold his holdings.

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He’s in his sixth season of Flipping Out on Bravo TV where the show follows him in his daily life as well as his business projects. Most homes he has sold have brought in a tidy profit. He has his own line of home furnishings that sells on QVC.

In March of 2012, Lewis launched a new show called Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis. It’s unclear how much Lewis is paid per episode on either of his shows, but his entire net worth is in the neighborhood of 10 million dollars. His business brings in approximately $25,000 per month. The other income is from his television shows, merchandising and QVC line.

How much is Jeff Lewis’s Net Worth? $10 Million!

[fvplayer src=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WLZgyheYe4M”]

Video Transcript:

Celebrity house flipper, interior designer, real estate diva and reality TV star Jeff Lewis was born March 24, 1970 in Orange
County, California. After graduating from college in 1993 he began working in real estate. He lives with his partner Gage Edward
and they have no children – yet.

Jeff has created a very profitable and colorful career out of flipping houses and ‘flipping out’ when his obsessive compulsive
disorder and/or temper is triggered by imperfect details or annoying people. He has bought, and then remodeled and then resold
aka ‘flipped’ more than forty homes and has often earned $1 million or more per house. He also consults on design for clients
throughout the country. He has two very successful reality shows: Flipping Out and Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis both of
which play upon his flipping talents and his quirky nature. One of his highest honors was being chosen to create the 2010
Kitchen of the Year by House Beautiful magazine.

It is believed that his real estate business (remodeling, consultations, and flips) generates a monthly income of $25,000. A
substantial additional amount comes in from various speaking engagements, television shows, and consumer products such as his
new paint line: Jeff Lewis Color. Jeff’s current estimated worth is 10 million dollars.

Video Credit: AlphaLife.me on YouTube