1. Biography

Jason Kent Bateman was born on January 14, 1969 in Rye, New York. åÊBateman’s father, Kent Bateman was a film and television directory. åÊBateman’s mother Victoria worked as a flight attendant. åÊOf course Bateman’s sister was also an actor most famously known for her role on Family Ties with Michael J. Fox. åÊBateman himself is an avid cycling and running enthusiasts. åÊHe runs about 5 miles a day stating the he likes to use the time for meditation and does not take along an ipod so he can be alone with his thoughts. åÊBateman is also a huge LA Dodgers fan, but you won’t see him thowing back a cold one watching the boys of summer. åÊThe actor said that when he would drink, like ketchup and french fries, one thing would lead to another so he decided that rather than get very good at being a 20 year old he would do åÊhis best at being an adult. åÊBateman has not had a drink in over 10 years. åÊSocially the actor/director/producer has been good friends with Jennifer Anniston since 1995.

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2. Income & Salary

Though his father was a director, Bateman got into acting when he accompanied a friend to an audition and was asked by the director to read for the lead role. åÊHis first part came playing James Cooper Ingalls on Little House on the Prairie. åÊHis character was adopted by the Ingalls after his character’s parent’s died in a wagon accident. åÊYou know how deadly those wagon accidents can be! He later took on the role of Derek åÊTaylor in 21 episodes of Silver Spoons before taking on the role of David Hogan inåÊValerie. åÊWhile on the set ofåÊValerie Bateman became the yougnest Director’s Guild of America (DGA) Director every when he directed three episodes of the TV show. åÊBateman’s next big success was as the lead in the cult classicåÊArrested Development playing responsible everyman Michael Bluth withåÊincredible deadpan and wit. åÊThe show’s success launched Bateman’s career landing major movie roles in productions such asåÊHancockåÊwith Will Smith,åÊForgetting Sarah Marshall, Juno, The Break-Up, The Sweetest Thing,åÊandåÊHorrible Bosses. åÊ

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3. Estimated Net Worth

Bateman has a net worth of approximately $14 million, but that is on the rise. åÊThe actor/director/producer’s career was called Ron Howardesque in a recent interview by GQ magazine. åÊHoward who has a net worth of $140 million was a famous child star who went on to star in roles as a teen and young adult, most notably,åÊHappy Days,åÊbut who also took his entertainment experience behind the camera to become one of Hollywood’s most successful directors and producers. åÊBateman indeed does have a sensible approach and has turned down leading roles in films in which he thought the script was bad in order to preserve his career and obtain longevity in the business. Specifically, the actor is quoted as saying:

“I would rather do three or four small parts every year as opposed to some of the lower-hanging fruit that might get my name above the title. If you take that big paycheck for that, it’s going to be real high-profile, you’re going to be famous for a couple of weeks, and then your career is over and you’ve got to make sure you don’t spend all your money before you die.

“My goal is to get another 30 years out of this business. So I need to figure out the fuel to do that. And so far, I think it’s respect and quality and company, not celebrity or box office or stardom. It’s not a sprinter’s approach. It’s more like a long-distance thing. You can stick around a lot longer if you kind of slow-play it.”

Following along those lines Bateman has formed 3 production companies, the latest, Aggregate Films, has inked a deal with Universal. åÊTwo movies are slated in pre-production. åÊBateman and his wife recently bought Hollywood legend Ernest Borgnine’s estate for $3 million. åÊThe 1938 house was designed by architect L.G. Scherer. åÊIt is 6,148 square feet on famed Mulholland Drive. åÊIt features a very elegant brick patio pool, a guest house, and a paneled library.

How much is Jason Bateman’s Net Worth? $14 Million!