1. Biography

Janet Jackson was born Janet Damita Jo Jackson in Gary, Indiana, in May of 1966.

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2. Income & Salary

Her mother is Katherine Esther and her father is Joseph Walter Jackson. She has nine older siblings, including the deceased pop music icon Michael Jackson and well-known older sister Latoya Jackson. Her five brothers were first known in music as The Jackson 5.

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3. Estimated Net Worth

Janet Jackson has had an outstanding career and has gained much notoriety in the entertainment industry. She is the singer of such hits as ‰ÛÏNasty‰Û, ‰ÛÏWhat Have You Done for Me Lately‰Û, ‰ÛÏBlack Cat‰Û and ‰ÛÏRhythm Nation‰Û and the star of the films like Poetic Justice, as one example. She has a list of television credits including her role on the sitcom Different Strokes. Janet is also the queen of ‰ÛÏNipplegate‰Û, which is the nickname that media gave the 2004 Super Bowl incident with her and Justin Timberlake.Janet‰Ûªs net worth is estimated to be around $175 million. Unfortunately, Janet hasn‰Ûªt even managed to surpass her brother, Michael‰Ûªs, net worth of an estimated $600 million, which includes revenues accrued since his death in 2009. She continues to work hard for her money, only just opening her current ‰ÛÏUnbreakable‰Û World Tour and announcing the release of her currently untitled new album. Still, she has a ways to go before reaching the iconic billionaire status which is held by so few entertainment industry professionals.

How much is Jane Jackson’s Net Worth? $600 Million!

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