1. Biography

Jackie Chan, born as Chan Kong Sang in Hong Kong, exists as a cultural icon due to his roles in martial art based action films. His career has expanded to a wide variety of duties on the set not exclusive to acting, but also including (but not limited to) choreography, directing, producing, screenwriting, etc. Popular because of his acrobatic style of fighting, Jackie Chan is especially known for being one of the few actors who are willing and able to perform all of their own stunts.

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2. Income & Salary

His breakthrough into the world of acting began in Hong Kong where he began appearing in films at the age of five years old. As his career progressed to more popular action films produced in Hong Kong, he began to receive offers from Hollywood directors. These early offers were refused, however, since they involved playing the role of villains. Finally after his role in Rumble in the Bronx (1995), Jackie Chan finally made his way into Hollywood film. Following that, he began appearing in many films of the comedy action genre such as The Tuxedo (2002), Rush Hour, and Shanghai Knights (2003).

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3. Estimated Net Worth

Apart from his work on films, Jackie Chan has also pursued a musical career in which he experienced most prominent success in Hong Kong and China. He also owns and co-owns several film production companies and even started his own sushi restaurant known as “Jackie’s Kitchen.”To this day, Jackie Chan his appeared in more than 150 films and has a net worth of $130 million. He continues to receive profit generated by the franchise of his films, video games, and business projects.

How much is Jackie Chan’s Net Worth? $130 Million!