1. The Woman Who Stole $1.75 Million from Heather Is Still at Large

On her podcast in 2015, Heather Dubrow admitted that she and her husband were scammed out of almost 2 million dollars by a former associate named Jennifer Lindsay Bell. When the Dubrows sold their house for over $16 million, they agreed to “loan” Jennifer $1.75 million for her to use to rent properties to tourists. Bell took the money and fled the country. Bell is still on the lam, reportedly spending wads of cash in London.

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2. She Wanted to Name Her Daughter…. Kitten.

Heather has a penchant for choosing exotic names for her children. Case in point: Maximillia, or “Max” for short. Heather has admitted that she had a different name in mind for the child who ended up being named Katarina. Heather wanted to name her “Kitten.” Her husband absolutely refused, astutely observing that “Kitten” sounds like a stripper name.

Heather took another swing and a miss when she gave birth to another kid. She wanted to name her “Coco,” presumably after Coco Chanel. Terry again refused. They finally agreed on the name Collette after Heather saw the movie Ratatouille. Yes, that’s the movie about the rat who cooks food.

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3. Heather Was Devastated When She Didn’t Get Cast for A “Friends” Spinoff Show.

Most people are aware that Heather has had many acting roles over the course of the last 25 years under her maiden name, Heather Paige Kent. Heather appeared on “Married with Children,” she played Jenny McCarthy’s sister on “Jenny” and she appeared on a host of other shows that lasted a single season.

Heather had one opportunity that she felt was her big break but, alas, it was not to be. Heather told OK Magazine in 2013 that she was in the running to play Matt Leblanc’s sister on the show “Joey.” Heather admits that she was crushed when she didn’t get the part.

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4. Her Husband Practically Begged Her to Be On “Real Housewives of Orange County.”

Heather’s husband Terry Dubrow is the star of “Botched” and he has appeared in a number of other reality shows. Heather told the Hollywood Reporter that Terry wanted her to do “The Real Housewives of Orange County” so bad that he didn’t talk to her for two weeks until she agreed to be on the show.

The guy has repeatedly admitted in interviews that he loves the spotlight to the point that he has repeatedly binge-watched his own TV show. He also takes a sort of perverse pride in the fact that “The Swan,” a show about performing plastic surgery on “ugly ducklings” is considered one of the all-time worst reality shows.

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5. Heather Might Not Be as down to Earth as People Think.

Jeff Lewis is the star of “Flipping Out” and he is a fellow that seems to get into altercations with quite a few people in his life. Jeff appeared on “Watch What Happens Live” and told a story that painted Heather Dubrow in a somewhat unflattering light.

Heather has always gone to great lengths to convince people that she is not pretentious and that despite all her money, she hasn’t let it go to her head. Lewis claims that he saw her purposely ignore a waiter and then wave him off without even looking at him or having the courtesy to acknowledge his existence. Lewis claimed that Heather is not self-aware and that underneath her earthy exterior, Heather is a hateful person.

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6. Heather Was a Disneyland Performer.

When she first moved to L.A. to pursue an acting career, Heather got a job as a performer at Disneyland. While the idea of her in a Minnie Mouse costume is quite amusing, her gig was a bit lower on the totem pole. She played Miss Lilly in the Golden Horseshoe Revue, a dinner musical show for adults. Part of the act involves Miss Lilly picking out a man out in the crowd, flirting with them and sitting in their lap. She did this multiple times per day. She told southjersey.com, “I actually enjoyed it and it was fun backstage, where you’d see Pluto drinking a cup of coffee and Snow White smoking a cigarette.”

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7. She Steamed Her Nether Regions.

Heather says that she is very big into alternative health schemes. After all, she is always looking for ways to appear young without using plastic surgery. One of the weirder things she’s done is putting leeches on her stomach, which apparently opened a wound that bled for months.

She also admitted that when she heard about Gwyneth Paltrow steaming her vagina, Heather had to try it. Heather said that she insisted on a more intense vagina steaming than Gwyneth got and that the results were somewhat disappointing. Vagina steaming is supposed to cure depression, but Heather said it was not worth the money.

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8. She Has Had Plastic Surgery.

Heather is married to a famous plastic surgeon but she constantly insists that she has had no work done herself. In 2014, Terry let it slip that he has given Heather botox injections which, let’s face it, is plastic surgery. He does it once per year. You might wonder how long this has been going on for. She got her first injection at the tender age of 27. He’s been giving her injections for the past 20 years.

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9. Heather Is Not Popular Among a Portion of the Jewish Community.

Heather has been accused of being a “bad reality TV Jew” by Ilana Angel, a writer for Jewishjournal.com. Ilana believes that Terry is an elitist and that she is a bad representation of Jewish women. Ilana reached out and asked to do an interview with Heather but got no response. Ilana claims that Heather is too scared to talk to her. Maybe Heather just felt she was in a no-win situation.

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10. Her Husband Accidentally Cut off a Woman’s Belly Button.

Radaronline has reported that Terry Dubrow has been sued by a number of clients for malpractice, insurance fraud and negligence. A model claims that Dubrow accidentally removed her belly button during a stomach surgery. This woman literally has no belly button. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the surgery also gave her a hernia. Terry decided to top the whole thing off by allegedly charging her insurance company $60,000 for the unrequested bellybutton removal.

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Born January 5, 1969 in The Bronx, New York, Heather Dubrow is an actress best known for her role in Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Orange County. In 1999, she married famous plastic surgeon Terry Dubrow. The couple has four children together, Nicholas, Maximillia, Katarina, and Collette. Dubrow graduated from Syracuse University and eventually moved to Los Angeles in 1994 to begin her acting career, starting out with a guest role in the comedy sitcom Married with Children.

She was later casted in other sitcoms, including Jenny, Stark Raving Mad, That’s Life, and Surviving Suburbia. Dubrow also has stand-up comedy and beauty pageant experience, winning Miss Greater Syracuse in 1989.

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Career Earnings, Salary & Income

In 2001, she composed the theme song of That’s Life which she titled “Learnin’ As I Go”. In addition to that, she and her husband have been quite successful in real estate and are rumored to have bought and sold nine houses in just eight years. In early 2013, they sold their own home for $16.45 million. In an episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, cameras followed Dubrow as she searched for lots and discussed building her new home.

Heather Dubrow earns $70 thousand per season of The Real Housewives of Orange County. She has a net worth of $30 million. Currently the wealthiest cast member on the series, Dubrow was actually chosen for the show while pitching her own idea for a reality series. Since landing her role in The Real Housewives of Orange County, she has also guest starred in Hot in Cleveland and Hawaii Five-O.

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How much is Heather Dubrow’s Net Worth? $60 Million!

Video Transcript:

Actress turned reality TV star, Heather Dubrow was born Heather Paige Kent on January 5, 1969, in New York City, NY. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Syracuse University.
Heather has four children; daughters, Collette, and Katarina, and twin boys, Maximillian and Nicholas with husband, Orange County-based plastic surgeon, Terry Dubrow. The couple married in 1999.
Dubrow joined the cast of Bravo’s “Real Housewives of Orange County” for Season 7 in 2012. It is reported that Heather earned just $30,000 per episode in her first season of “Housewives”. In addition to a long list of television roles over the last decade, Dubrow tried her hand at daytime television as a substitute co-host on Good Day LA between 2013 and 2014.

In 2013, Heather Dubrow and her husband sold their 11,000 square foot home in Newport Coast for $16M. They bought a plot of land along the southern California coast for $4M where they are in the process of building a palatial 17,000 square foot mansion with extravagant amenities that include an underground garage and a huge pool and spa. Reports have the costs already exceeding $7M on building their dream home from the bottom up.

Heather Dubrow has a personal net worth estimated at $10M while husband, Terry, is said to be worth an impressive $40M.

Video Credit: AlphaLife.me on YouTube