1. Biography

Gordon Ramsay – the fiery Scot known best for calling out struggling cooks onåÊHell’s KitchenåÊ– is at the top of Forbes’ list of the wealthiest celebrity chefs. Ramsay was born in Scotland in 1966. His promising football career came to an abrupt end in 1984, when he suffered a severe knee injury.

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2. Income & Salary

Ramsay then turned to studying Hotel Management, which led to a stint training under Michelin-rated Guy Savoy in France. Working under Savoy propelled him to stardom in London, where he earned his first and second Michelin stars at Aubergine. In 1996 Ramsay married Cayetana (Tana) Elizabeth Hutcheson. The couple have four children: Megan (born 1998), twins Holly and Jack (born 2000) and Mathilda (born 2002).

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3. Estimated Net Worth

The success of Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, which opened in London in 1998, propelled Ramsay to the international stage. Ramsay, in partnership with the Blackstone Group, created Gordon Ramsay Holdings, Limited in 2006. The company now operates 23 restaurants across the globe. At the same time, Ramsay launched a successful television career with hisåÊHell’s KitchenåÊfranchise. In an extensive 2013 biography, TheåÊSunday TimesåÊnoted that Ramsay’s media appearances earn him more than $22 million per year – money that he then routes through a different holding company to support the restaurants. In 2012 his company, now re-christened Gordon Ramsay Group, earned $2.11 million USD in profit, with an expectation of $3 million USD in profit for 2013.Forbes notes that Ramsay’s 23 restaurants and multiple television franchises provided him with earnings of $38 million USD in 2012, a significant increase from approximately $10 million USD in 2011. Estimates for Ramsay’s overall net worth vary wildly, from as low as $50 million USD to as high as $118 million. His expanding Plane Food franchise, which provides upscale food at airports in the UK and the United States, is expected to increase his worth substantially in the next few years.

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http://youtu.be/cZ58evYLNd0Video Transcript:Born in November of 1966 in Scotland, he spent most of his life in England. He is known for his short temper and honest, yet brutal, criticisms of the contestants of his shows. Ramsay is also not shy about using vulgar language on camera. However, this has become his trademark in addition to his blend of French, British, and Italian cuisines.He has starred in both British and American variations of Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares. After achieving success in America with his 2005 debut on FOX, Gordon Ramsay greatly improved his notoriety and the size of his holdings. With a 69% stake in Gordon Ramsay Holdings, his part of the ownership is valued at over $100 million. This includes restaurants, hotels, and other investments. He currently owns thirty-four restaurants located around the world. Ramsay is the only person to have received three Catey Awards, a prestigious award given in the UK within the hospitality industry.Gordon Ramsay’s overall net worth is around $118 million. According to Forbes, he earned $48 million in 2014 with most his earnings coming from Gordon Ramsay Holdings. In 2013, he earned closer to $35 million in total. His number of restaurant and hotel holdings continue to grow each year.Video Credit: AlphaLife.me on YouTube