1. Biography

George Edward Foreman Sr. was born January 10, 1949 in Marshall, TX. The lovable Mr. Foreman now openly talks about being a troubled youth and not getting along with anyone but his German Shephards. åÊ

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2. Income & Salary

During his youth Foreman was interested in Football and idolized Jim Brown, but gave up those ambitions when his talent for boxing was discovered. åÊForeman eventually dropped out of school to join the Job Corps. åÊDuring his time at the Job Corps he would ask for rides from the counselors who refused – an experience that made an impression. åÊForeman, one of 7 siblings himself, has 12 children including five sons all named George. åÊTo avoid confusion they go by the nicknames “Monk”, “Big Wheel”, “Red”, and “Little Joey”.

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3. Estimated Net Worth

One of the best boxers of all time, Foreman is an Olympic gold medalist beating a Russian in a classic cold war final round fight at the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City. åÊForeman has been heavy weight boxing champion of the world twice, but what is remarkable is that his second title belt in 1994 set three notable records. åÊThe first was the oldest Heavyweight Champion in history at 45 years old when he knocked out Michael Moorer. åÊForeman was getting badly beaten and behind on all the score cards until he landed the punch that sent Moorer to the canvass where he was counted out. åÊThe second record being age difference between champion and challenger at 19 years, and the third being the interval between championships. åÊHis first title came when he knocked out Joe Frazier in 1973, which he lost a year later making the interval a whopping 20 years. åÊ
The IBRO ranks Foreman the 8th greatest heavyweight of all time. åÊPrior to landing his second heavy weight title he made 2 Heavyweight Title attempts in the 90s most notably against Evander Holyfield. åÊHolyfield was heavily favored, but to everyone’s surprise the middle-aged Foreman lasted 12 full rounds and lost in a decision.After leaving boxing Foreman was a ringside analyst for HBO for 12 years.Foreman has made far more money with the kitchen appliance that many people know him by than he did boxing. åÊThe Goeorge Foreman grill sold over 100 million units. åÊForeman netted 40% of the profits of each griller sold. åÊAt it’s peak Foreman was making $4.5 million per month. åÊThat’s a lot of grills and a lot of cheddar! åÊIn 1999 Foreman sold his naming rights to the grill for a $138 million dollar lump sum. åÊAll in all Foreman has amassed $200 million in total endorsements. åÊNo other celebrity has their name tied so closely with a product than Foreman does with what is properly called a contact grill though only popularly known as The George Foreman grill.With 3 successful careers as a boxer, TV sports analyst for 12 years, and licensing giant; the fortune that George has amassed has turned the troubled youth that did not get along with people and could not get a ride home into someone who today has no problem getting around in style. åÊWith his large family, the patriarch lives on a humongous 40 acre estate in Huffman, TX. åÊWhen asked about the size of estate he replied kindly it was out of necessity because he did not want to be that annoying neighbor with his growing German Shephard kennel barking loudly within earshot of others. åÊHe owns and breeds about 18 German Shephards as well as shows them amongst other top pedigree German Shephards in dog shows that take place in where else but Germany! åÊHe says he fell developed a fondness for the companionship the åÊanimals showed while watching Rin Tin Tin. åÊA self described animal lover Foreman also has horses on his property. åÊWhen asked how many he replied “The property is loaded with horses.”While many celebrities are known to buy expensive cars and even have more than one car, Foreman is a true car collector. åÊHe won’t say how many cars he has stating that he hides some of them from his wife. When asked if it was more than 50, Foreman simply smiled and calmly replied, “More than 50”. åÊThe collection includes manufacturers Rolls Royce, Maybach, Ferrari including the coveted F40, but the over arching theme of Foreman’s collection is Chevrolet. åÊThe most coveted car in his collection by a wide margin is his 1977 Volkswagen Beetle convertible. åÊForeman has stated he will never sell it and though it is not the most expensive by far, it is the most cherished. åÊThe car reminds him where he came from going back to days when he could not get a ride from his counselors who had similar cars while working in the Jobs Corp.We are certainly proud of how far George has come and that he has been richly rewarded for all his hard work. åÊWith $250 million dollars, Foreman describes his greatest professional achievement as being an ordained minster. åÊHe began preaching in 1980 and still holds services 3 days a weed at The Church of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m6JDWzNWAFsVideo Transcript:George Edward Foreman was born in Marshall, Texas on January 10, 1949. His wife Mary Joan is his fifth wife, with all of his wives bearing seven children. The boys are all named George, with each one designated by their order of birth, while the daughters are named Natalia and Leola. A separate relationship resulted in three more daughters: Michi, Freeda and Georgetta, while Foreman adopted a girl in both 2009 and 2012.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m6JDWzNWAFs