1. Biography

Gail Greenberg, born in 1968, is the wife of Long Island plastic surgeon Stephen Greenberg, a nationally known figure, and will appear on a Bravo TV “docu-series” starting in 2015. She has had one previous marriage and has children.

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2. Income & Salary

Currently, Gail Greenberg is best known through her association with her husband, who is the host of multiple radio shows in New York and who has appeared in a variety of national and international magazines. In her own right, she is primarily known as one of the stars of the forthcoming reality TV series, Secrets and Wives. The show will focus on Greenberg’s friendships with other wealthy Long Island wives as she attempts to keep her marriage alive in the context of her husband’s demanding profession, which can leave little time for family life. In a blog promoting the show, Greenberg talked about her daily schedule, much of which is dedicated to “driving around kids,” and the show will no doubt focus on this.

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3. Estimated Net Worth

Gail Greenberg’s net worth is not publicly known, though her earnings for 2013 and 2014 are likely connected to whatever proportion of her husband’s earnings she legally participates in through marriage, as well as any fees she’s received for personal appearances on behalf of his (or her own) philanthropic work. Her net worth is expected to increase sharply throughout 2015 as a result of her newfound TV stardom and endorsement/personal appearance opportunities resulting from it.

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