1. Fredrik began his on-camera prowess doing adult films.

Before growing into a famous face for selling real estate, Fredrik was a gay adult film star in Sweden, using the pseudonym “Tag Eriksson”. He also starred in an erotic parody entitled “The Hole”. He has stated that he does not regret anything he has done and that he does not believe it has affected his current career negatively at all. In fact, he credits much of his initial success to the fact that people found him more memorable for his ‘colorful’ past.

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2. He has experienced great loss pursuing fatherhood.

Fredrik and his husband, Derek, were expecting twins through a surrogacy. Sadly, the biological mother miscarried both of the twins. Fredrik even had a name picked out; Milla, if it was a girl. It’s not all bad news in the parenting department, though. Derek has a biological son of his own, Kai. Even though he is desperate to give Fredrik a child of his own, they are both happy to be fathers to a beautiful little boy. It may have taken a bit to realize it, but Fredrik is quite happy that Kai gets to have two fathers now, instead of one.

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3. Mice have a special place in Fredrik’s heart.

Fredrik has a favorite animated movie, and it’s not what you would expect! He has dubbed “Ratatouille” as his favorite animated movie of all time, with “The Little Mermaid” coming in at a close second. Who would have thought that Fredrik had an affinity for cute little mice?

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4. Fredrik had a taste of America early in his life, and dreamed of returning.

He was a foreign exchange student in Edina, Minnesota, during high school. After high school, he studied at the Stockholm School of Economics in Sweden but ultimately never graduated. His father pushed him to finish school, claiming he could not be successful without a good education and that an education was something worth fighting for because no one could ever take it away from him. Fredrik, however, had plans and dreams of his own. Those dreams took him to Paris, and eventually, New York City.

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5. At age 22, Fredrik found himself CEO of a start-up company.

After leaving school in Sweden, along with a friend, Maria, they founded “Humany”, an internet company with over 45 employees. At a time where online shopping was still in its infancy, his company gave online shoppers a virtual assistant to answer questions and help at checkout. Fredrik was in charge of finding the funding for the start-up company. Maria and Fredrik bought discounted airline tickets to Paris, slept on a friend’s couch, and eventually left with $1 million: 50 percent of a company that didn’t even exist yet. The company eventually failed due to business relationship problems and the pressure of receiving and keeping investors to stay afloat.

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6. After a failed internet company, he tried his hand at music.

When “Humany” went belly-up, Fredrik founded a music publishing business. He managed 8 song writers, built a studio and even pitched songs to major artists. Once again, he was chasing down investors and money for a product that didn’t exist yet. Eventually, the business got a #1 hit on Billboard Latino, in Japan, Sweden, and Germany. Obviously, Fredrik can be successful doing anything he puts his mind to.

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7. Success is in his genes.

Fredrik is the son of Klas Eklund, a Swedish economist and writer. He was once employed by the Swedish Ministry of Finance, and then became the Chief Economist and ultimately Senior Economist for the Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken, one of the largest banks in Scandinavia. Fredrick’s brother, Sigge Eklund has had his own string of successes. He is a Swedish writer, internet entrepreneur, podcaster and TV producer.

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8. Fredrik has an unexpected favorite hobby.

He has a hobby that most would not imagine. Aside from theatre, music and art, Fredrik loves fly fishing. Fredrik admits he does not get to go fishing as much as he’d like, living in New York City, but often dreams about “standing in the midst of the river all alone with Mother Nature, casting the line like a lasso”.

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9. He was bullied because of his eyes.

At age 14, Fredrik was bullied by classmates because of his bright blue eyes and long eyelashes. They taunted him and told him he had “girly eyes”. He once used his mother’s manicure scissors to cut off those long lashes and when confronted by his mother, he claims he was “never so embarrassed”. Being taunted only enraged his inner emotions, as he dealt with accepting the fact that he liked boys, but wasn’t ready to admit it to himself or anyone else.

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10. Fredrik is worth a pretty penny.

After 10 years of working in the real estate business, Fredrik has sold $3.5 billion in New York real estate. He has sold properties to a myriad of famous individuals such as Cameron Diaz, John Legend and Daniel Craig. His personal wealth is estimated at around $37 million. It seems Fredrik was meant for success.

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Born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1977, Real Estate Broker and Reality Television Show Celebrity, Fredrik Eklund is celebrity with a rare vision. A former iT entrepreneur, novelist, and gay porn star. The son of a prominent economist, Eklund trained at Stockholm School of Economics.

By the time he was 23 years old, Eklund was a CEO of a company employing forty five people. In 2002, Eklund commenced his acting career in a porn film under the stage name, Tag Eriksson. Prior to starring in the Bravo television series, Million Dollar Listing New York, he Eklund was responsible for selling over $2 billion in property in the city. His career has included roles as the Managing Director of CORE Group Marketing and Managing Director at the largest real estate brokerage on the East Coast, Prudential Douglas Elliman.

In 2013, Eklund announced joint venture with Niklas Berntzon and Sven Gustafsson and Johan Kindblom in formation of a development company, Superstructure, headquartered in Stockholm. Berntzon a Swedish broker and entertainment, and advertising executives Gustafsson and Kindblom all located in the country will provide partnership and oversight of the company’s activities in the Scandinavian market, with a special focus on Oslo and Stockholm. Eklund’s participation supports the development of New York concepts in property through conversion of former industrial sites into residential housing.

Film and Television Productions:
Million Dollar Listing New York, Seasons 2, 3, and 4
The Hole
American Porn Star
Training Camp

How much is Fredrik Eklund’s Net Worth? $37 Million!