1. Biography

Sir Elton John remains one of the most commercially successful singers and songwriters of all time, but many are surprised to hear that this musician started his career with his birth name of Reginald Kenneth Dwight. This music sensation was born in Pinner, Middlesex, England in 1947 and has continued to work with the same core group of songwriters and producers going all the way back to 1967. While he has gone through a series of marriages, partnerships, and divorces, Sir Elton John is now in a civil union with the movie producer David Furnish and they have two children by surrogate named Zachary and Elijah. Since 2009, Sir Elton John and his partner have been attempting to adopt two Ukrainian orphans, but current laws prohibit it due to their marital status.

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2. Income & Salary

Many will claim that Sir Elton John‰Ûªs first major break in the industry came in 1974 with his signing to MCA for $8,000,000. While popular before this period, this is the platform in which John would become a worldwide name that would go on to win countless awards in and out of the music industry. He currently has 4 Tony Awards, two of which are for his work on the Lion King musical as well as Billy Elliot. Spanning the years he has won multiple Grammy and Academy Awards for Best Male Performer, Best Single Performer, Best Duet, Grammy Legend Award, Best Original Song, Best Male Pop Artist , Best Writer, and many more.

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3. Estimated Net Worth

Currently, Sir Elton John‰Ûªs net worth has pushed well past $377 million, much of which he continues to donate to charity. His total ticket sales spread across 2013 alone was just over $204 million, $54 million of which went directly to Sir Elton John. His personal earnings for 2012 tickets capped at $80 million total, but he continues to collect royalties from multiple plays, movies, and musical ensembles.

How much is Elton John’s Net Worth? $377 Million!