1. Biography

Miami-based producer/rapper DJ Khaled was born Khaled bin Abdul Khaled on November 26, 1975 in New Orleans, Louisiana. He has stated that his love of rap and hip-hop began as a child growing up in Miami. He gained local notoriety as a DJ for DJing soundclashes, when he would mix dancehall and hip-hop music. He explains, ‰ÛÏI started DJing soundclashes. I used to go to Jamaica a lot. I
was like a hip-hop sound boy, where I took the dancehall culture and mixed it up with the hip-hop as well”. Soon thereafter, he began working as a radio host, which he still does on local Miami radio station, WEDR.

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2. Income & Salary

Khaled‰Ûªs first solo album, titled ‰ÛÏListen‰Û_the Album‰Û, was released under Koch Records in 2006. It was a success, debuting at #12 on Billboard Hot 200. After this, he released four other albums We the Best (2007), We Global (2008), Victory (2010), We the Best Forever (2011), Kiss the Ring (2012) and Suffering From Success (2013). Three of his singles have reached platinum and one gold. In 2008 he was awarded DJ of the Year both by BET and Ozone Magazine. In 2009, he became president of Def Jam South, a position which he still holds.

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3. Estimated Net Worth

Dj Khaled‰Ûªs income from 2005-2011 was approximately $12 million, but due to financial difficulty his net worth in 2013 was listed as $3 million. Since then, his net worth seems to have grown, and is currently estimated to be between $15-$18 million.

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