1. Biography

Derek Jeter was born on June 26, 1974, in Pequannock Township, New Jersey. Jeter and his family would eventually move when he was a small child to Kalamazoo, Michigan. Derek Jeter is not currently married and he does not have any kids. He has had highly publicized relationships with Mariah Carey, Jessica Biel, Jordana Brewster and Minka Kelly. Jeter and Kelly dated for over three years before they ended their relationship in 2011.

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2. Income & Salary

Derek Jeter is a professional baseball player that has spent his entire career with the New York Yankees. Jeter is widely considered to be one of the best shortstops to ever play the game. During Jeter’s 17 year career, he has made the all-star team 13 times. He has also won the World Series and Gold Glove award five times each. While he has one season left in his career, Jeter has already totaled over 3,300 hits and 250 home runs. He has done all this while maintaining a .312 batting average. Derek Jeter is set to retire after the 2014 season, and he is guaranteed to be a first ballot Hall of Famer during his first year of eligibility.

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3. Estimated Net Worth

Derek Jeter is estimated to have a net worth of $185 million. He has made roughly $30 million in 2012 and 2013. While most of those earnings have come from his contract with the New York Yankees, Jeter also earns a substantial amount of money through endorsements. Jeter is widely considered one of the most marketable players in professional sports, and he currently has million dollar endorsement deals with Nike and Gatorade.

How much is Derek Jeter’s Net Worth? $185 Million!