1) Damon and Stacey Dash are First Cousins

It’s hard to imagine, but it’s true that Damon and Stacey Dash are indeed first cousins. Their relationship from a public perception is quite good. In fact, Stacey has appeared in a Kayne West 2004 video, who happened to be at the time, an artist on Damon’s Roc-A-Fella record label. However, their relationship became stained after Stacey questioned why Black History Month exists at all on a Fox News broadcast. Quickly, Damon stated that they may share the same last name, but their political opinions are quite different.

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2) Dash Owes Child Support

In a highly-contested divorce proceedings, Dash’s former wife, fashion designer Rachel Roy, contends that he has failed to pay any of the $6,000-a-month child support payment since the beginning of their separation. The court papers contend that Dash fails to comply with any of the prior agreed upon court order financial arrangement. Roy’s attorney argues that Dash thinks it’s within his rights to disregard the child support payment plan of the original agreement, and there’s no threat of receiving consequence from a higher authority for his actions. Dash’s negligence has accumulated in nearly $42,000 in delinquent payments, which includes failure to pay for his children’s private school tuition fees.

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3) Dash Could Have Prevented Aaliyah’s Death

Dash has reiterated numerous times in interviews that he could have prevented Aaliyah’s death if he had been with her. Dash confirms that they were together in Miami shooting a video for her upcoming CD. The director felt the video needed additional shooting in the Bahamas before the completion of the project. Dash couldn’t attend the video shoot because his son was playing in a football game back in New York. Originally, Aaliyah said she was heading to the Bahamas, but as the travel date came closer, she was apprehensive about the direction of the project and didn’t want to get on that flight. Aaliyah was coerced and boarded that faithful flight. Dash firmly believes he could of convinced her not to get on that plane if he was available to speak with Aaliyah.

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4) Dash Discovered Kayne West

Most music lovers believe that Jay Z was the first to discover Kayne West and bring him into the Roc-A-Fella entertainment fold. Fellow rapper Yeezy confirmed that Damon Dash was the first music executive to see Kayne perform live. It was after the split between Jay Z and Dash that West aligned with the iconic rapper. It made sense from a career standpoint, as Jay Z was Kayne’s idol and could open more doors for him in the entertainment industry. Plus, it would be very hard for a young performer to stop a professional working relationship with a star of Jay Z’s magnitude.

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5) Dash is a Type 1 Diabetes Sufferer

Damon Dash has been a longtime supporter for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, as he himself is a Type 1 Diabetes sufferer. At first, he kept his Type 1 Diabetes diagnose away from the public spotlight, but over time, Dash felt it was important to show other sufferers it was okay to be stricken with this disease. Dash’s appearances on various television talk shows has offered an insight into the impact diabetes has made to his daily lifestyle. He hopes to be an inspiration to all diabetic sufferers that you can still achieve your dreams while still treating this dreaded disease.

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6) Dash Co-Owns Pro-Keds

The goal of Damon Dash after purchasing Pro-Keds in a partnership with Stride Rite was to help the top sneaker company in the late 60s and early 70s to enjoy a renaissance in the urban community. Dash created several different high-end shoe designs that allowed teenagers to make a fashion statement at school and with their friends. Professionally, Dash took over the Pro-Keds brand to help expand his own entrepreneur portfolio, which already included music, fashion and other luxury products.

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7) Dash’s Work Ethic Comes From His Mother

As a youth, Damon Dash swept the floors at a local neighborhood barbershop and sold newspapers on the street corner in order to buy clothes and other items needed for school. He develop this strong work ethic from observing his own mother, who was the true definition of a dedicated worker. Dash’s mother worked as a secretary in the daytime and sold clothing out of their Harlem apartment in the evening. This infectious attitude inspired Dash to begin throwing house parties that showcased local upcoming New York entertainers like unknown rapper Jay Z to the partygoers. Quickly the popularity of these parties spread throughout New York City, as top performers and professional athletes began showing up at Dash’s weekly house parties. This is when he knew money could be made from this promising business opportunity.

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8) Dash is on New York’s Most Delinquent Taxpayers List

Shortly after Tax Day, April 15th, most states release a list of their most delinquent taxpayers for the year. Damon Dash finds himself once again on New York’s list, this year listed at #28. The State Department of Taxation and Finances complies the list each year, and concluded that Dash owes $2.28 million for this past tax season. The only comment offered by Dash on his current tax situation is that both sides are negotiating a resolution that’s beneficial for each moving forward. This story isn’t new for him, as he’s been battling the IRS for years over claims of backed taxes owed to the federal government.

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9) Dash Was Sued by Rap Group

In 2015, Damon Dash collaborated on a film project with Kayne West entitled “Loisaidas,” which is named after a section of Manhattan’s Lower East side. A local Latin singing group by the same name sued the duo because their movie tarnished their image because the storyline promoted murder, violence and drug use. However, a judge dismissed the lawsuit due to the use of the name is allowed because Loisaidas is a public-known nickname for this part of New York City and not solely used by the singing group.

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10) Dash’s Closet Has a Bathroom

The upstairs of Damon Dash’s apartment is dedicated to his clothes and sneaker collection. Some visitors have described it as having a three-room apartment filled with clothing apparel. This lavished closet even has its own bathroom. One wall of shelves is devoted to t-shirts and socks, while another wall space houses his sneaker collection. Dash wears a different set of clothing each day, and donates 30 percent of his closet to local charities each month.

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Damon Dash was born on May 3, 1971 in New York City. He is an American businessman most famous for his role in the success of Jay-Z, Roc-A-Fella Records, and Rocawear clothing in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. As a youngster, Damon took whatever work he could get. He cleaned barber shops, sold newspapers, and was also an accomplished promoter at an early age. Damon’s mother died when he was 15 from an asthma attack. Damon is quoted as saying, “At one time, my worst fear was losing my mom, and when I lost her, I was confronting my fear…I was 15. I felt the worse pain I thought I could feel.” Damon has four children of his own, two boys and two girls. He publicly dated R&B superstar Aaliyah up until her death in 2001.

Damon Dash had the luxury of being the man in charge of a record label and clothing line that generated hundreds of millions of dollars per year combined. The roster at Roc-A-Fella Records included acts like Kanye West, Beanie Sigel, Memphis Bleek, Juelz Santana, Cam’ron, DJ Clue, and of-course, Jay-Z. Damon is the mastermind behind much of the label’s activity including tours like the one that pocketed $19 million in 1999. On top of that, Damon had his hand in other lucrative business ventures such as executive producing the movie “The Woodsman” in 2004 that starred Kevin Bacon.

Damon Dash is estimated to have been worth as much as $50 million. However, due to soured business relationships, problems with the IRS, and other legal issues, Damon is in roughly a $2 million hole. In 2004, Jay-Z sold Roc-A-Fella records to Def Jam Recordings and Jay-Z subsequently became Def Jam’s president. In 2005, Jay-Z bought Damon’s stake in Rocawear for $22 million before selling it for a reported $204 million. Damon has since had several failed investments and plenty of legal and financial troubles. He is currently running DD172, a media collective that he founded that features a magazine, art gallery, web design firm, and musical interests.

How much is Damon Dash’s Net Worth? $2 Million!