1. Biography

Bravo TV, known for its hit reality television series, has recently rolled out another fantastic reality show. Most Eligible Dallas is a series that revolves around the lives of Dallas’s most wealthy and worthy individuals, one of which is a beauty known as Courtney Kerr. This Texan beauty was born on December 17th in the state of Texas. With no children or husband in tow, she’s one of Dallas’s most eligible bachelorettes. Thus far, it has been reported that she’s currently in a romantic relationship with two of her Most Eligible Dallas cast mates. You’ll need to watch the show to find out who they are, and how the relationships progress.

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2. Income & Salary

Courtney’s business career and aspirations are a bit low key compared to her cast mates. She currently manages a Sunglasses Hut. However, as she has stated, it is only a stepping stone into a wider and more prominent career in fashion, jewelry, sunglasses design. In addition to her position at Sunglasses Hut, she can also now add to her accomplishments “Bravo TV Star.” Courtney has also developed a burgeoning media career, as she manages a popular fashion blog called, “What Courtney Wore.” Her blog features some of her daily outfits, favorite jewelry pieces, and social scene appearances.

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3. Estimated Net Worth

It has been estimated that her current net worth is $200,000, a sum of which she has earned through working at the Sunglasses Hut, television, and simply being a Dallas socialite. However, this figure has garnered a great deal of speculation and skepticism lately. After airing on Million Dollar Matchmaker, viewers noted that Courtney seemed very fond of extremely expensive clothing, handbags, and jewelry, along with exclusive hotels. With so many costly expenditures, it seems that Courtney Kerr earns far more than the reported two hundred grand that she claims to earn. Therefore, while her 2012-2013 income is not publically available, one can safely guess that it’s well above that of the average American’s income, as not all can afford such gorgeous luxuries and not sink into perilous debt.

How much is Courtney Kerr’s Net Worth? $200 Thousand!