1. Biography

Conrad Hughes Hilton was in born in 1994 and is the great-grandson of famous hotel magnate Conrad Hilton Sr. His father is Richard Howard Hilton and his two older sisters are Paris and Nikki Hilton. He also has another older brother named Barron.

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2. Income & Salary

Conrad Hilton, at 21, hasn’t had much chance to make any career moves. Not that he needs to, after all, his status as a member of the Hilton family makes him a multi-millionaire. This lack of a need for a career path has gotten the young socialite into hot water. Recently he was arrested aboard a British Airways flight for going on a tirade in first class where he threatened numerous flight attendants.

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3. Estimated Net Worth

The net worth of Conrad Hilton’s father Rick is estimated to be at over 300 million. As an heir apparent to the Hilton hotel empire, Conrad Hilton currently does not maintain active employment. He spends his time mingling among the rich and famous at various events.

How much is Conrad Hilton’s Net Worth? $25 Million!

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