1. Biography

Cameron Diaz was born to parents Billie and Emilio Diaz in San Diego, California. She was born Cameron Michelle Diaz on August 30, 1972. She has an older sister named Chimene. Diaz grew up in Long Beach, California. She attended Long Beach Polytechnic High School before becoming a model at 16 years old. In her personal life, she has dated well-known celebrities like Justin Timberlake, Tyrese Gibson and Jared Leto. In 2015, she married Benji Madden. They live in a Beverly Hills English country home worth 10 million dollars.

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2. Income & Salary

She started her work as a fashion model by modeling for Kline and Levi’s, and at the age of 17 was on her first cover for Seventeen magazine in 1990. In 1992, she starred in her first movie, which was a soft core bondage film, but when she landed her role as Tina Carlyle in The Mask, she rose to stardom. That role happened by accident. Diaz hadn’t planned on becoming an actress, but an agent at her modeling agency recommended her for the role of Carlyle. Her next famous role was in There’s Something About Mary. She’s starred in numerous films since like Vanilla Sky with Tom Cruise as well as Charlie’s Angels with Drew Barrymore. Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle earned her 20 million alone. She’s been the voice of Fiona for all of the Shrek animated movies as well.

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3. Estimated Net Worth

The role of Carlyle didn’t generate a lot of income for Diaz because it was her first role, and she lacked experience. By the time she starred in There’s Something About Mary, she would receive 2 million dollars for the role. When she starred in the Charlie’s Angels movies, she would make millions more for her role. Diaz has an estimated net worth of 120 million dollars in 2015. Forbes named her the Richest Female Hispanic Celebrity.

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