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Shad Gregory Moss, better known as Bow Wow or Lil’ Bow Wow, is well-known for his roles as television host and rap artist. An accomplished musician at an early age, he released his first album (Beware of Dog) when was was 13. He was born on March 9, 1987 in Columbus, Ohio.

Bow Wow is not married, although he does have a child by the name of Shai through his former girlfriend Joie Chavis. Although he initially denied having a child, Bow Wow has since admitted to the truth. He currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia, the home of many major rap artists in the United States.

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Bow Wow has released seven albums to date: Beware of Dog, released in 1998; Doggy Bag, released in 2002; Unleashed, released in 2003; Wanted, released in 2005; The Price of Fame and Face Off, released in 2006; New Jack City Part II, released in 2008; and Underrated, his most recent album, released its first single in 2010. Beware of Dog went double platinum on March 5, 2001. Doggy Bag reached single platinum status. Unleashed went gold in 2003. Wanted went platinum. The Price of Fame and Face Off was certified gold. Underrated is facing delays, and according to Bow Wow, he doesn’t want to release the album until he is older than 28 due to personal reasons such as raising his daughter and trying to grow up some. He has also had acting roles on TV sitcoms like Moesha and The Steve Harvey Show, in addition to several film roles, most notably in Like Mike. A documentary of his life is currently in the works titled Who Is Shad Moss?

Rumors abounded that Bow Wow was broke, but he signed a deal with BET on October 1 to become the new host for 106 & Park. He was paid a $500,000 advance and is going to make a total of 1 million dollars over the next two years. He also signed a deal with Cash Money Records for $5 million. He’s earned over $6 million in his lifetime, but pays around $3000 per month in child support and other various debts.

How much is Bow Wow’s Net Worth? $2 Million!

Bow Wow Quotes:

“Dealing with the fame and going from nothing and becoming something where everyone wants a piece of you, your life changes in a day.”

“People ask for this life, but they don’t really understand what comes with it. People just see the outside and that looks good – big houses, cars, girls, but you never see how the person is feeling deep down inside. Me personally, being a man, I’m going to feel better displaying all of this and pouring my heart out on each record.”

“I can take all the negative energy and turn it into a positive simply by purging my soul through music. That’s how powerful music can be.”

“I was born with no money. So when people talk about Bow Wow being rich his whole life, I don’t know where they get that.”

“I don’t take for granted all the blessings that I have, and as soon as I heard about Computers for Youth, I really wanted to be involved. Anyone who knows me knows how much time I spend on computers. I’m a computer addict. Every young person deserves to have a computer in his or her home.”

“I’m not turning my back on music anytime soon, but it’s just a blessing to have options open. A lot of artists just have rap, and that’s it. But once rap stops, it’s hard to get into that Hollywood circle; it really is. It’s a whole ‘nother beast that people think they’re ready for, but they’re really not.”

“It’s weird because every movie that I do is always a role that reminds me of a role that ‘Pac would have done. And when ‘Pac did ‘Juice,’ he was young – probably like 21, 22 – something like that. And that’s my favorite actor. I know it might be weird to say, but he was talented on screen, and that’s who I studied.”

“LL Cool J was a rapper-turned-actor, and I also relate to him because he was sort of a ladies’ man and had a female fan base, but yet he’s a positive dude. You never read about him getting into trouble or going to jail.”

“When I see my own people going through the tough times, it’s a wake-up call. I hope my influence can impact someone else’s decision to get out here and vote.”

“All these Lil’ rappers, I’m just kind of getting real irritated by it. I said, ‘You know what? Drop the Lil’. Forget it. I’m Bow Wow.”

“I’m trying to become a young CEO, to brand myself in television and movies.”

“I feel like I just want to enjoy life and spend time with my daughter who is about to turn two, which is full-time job and the hardest job I’ve ever had in my life.”

“I’ve noticed over my 22 years of living that, yes, women can be difficult, and I call myself a ladies’ man, thinking I have them figured out. But as men, we will never understand women.”

“My fans saw ‘Roll Bounce,’ but also that older crowd who might not have been familiar with me on the music tip saw ‘Roll Bounce’ and loved it. ‘Roll Bounce’ opened up that door for me to have older people love Bow Wow and opened up that door so all of the kids would love Bow Wow. My fan base is really diverse; it’s all ages and all colors.”

“I don’t prepare for my roles. I don’t watch movies to get inspired. I don’t dig deep. I’ll never be that type of actor, and I doubt that I ever will be.”

“My mother doesn’t really embarrass me. Even when I was young. She understands my career.”

“I loved playing a dramatic role. There’s a side of me a lot of people don’t know, and when I do dramatic roles, it just all comes out.”

“I was one of the first artists to make a buzz about ‘106 & Park.’ If it wasn’t for that show, I wouldn’t be the entertainer that I am today.”

“I’m loving N.Y., and words can’t even describe how happy I am to be here.”

“It’s sad that my daughter will get attention because of her daddy. I’m already watching her run around the house and pick up microphones. It’s scary.”

“Music is the reason I’m doing movies; I do credit that. But acting is an escape route for me.”

“Guys like Todd Bridges never overcame being a child star. You can’t have any big failures. I’ve always felt regular. I played organized ball at the rec league. At 13, they told me I sold 3 million copies. I didn’t know what that meant.”

“At the end of the day, I want to spend time with my daughter, and this schedule enables me to do that while still having fun hosting ‘106 & Park.’ I’m not really eager to get back into music just yet; I’m really eager to get into another movie before I put out an album.”

“I worked with Snoop, but I would love to work with him again, but DMX… I would love to work with him as well… I met him in Atlanta; I went to one of his concerts; I would love to do a song with him. I respect him and really like his music.”

“I’m coming for Ryan Seacrest – I want to be the black Ryan Seacrest for BET. I want to host, I want to produce, I want to do everything for the network.”

Bow Wow News:

08/31/2014: Shad Moss, aka Bow Wow, vehemently distances himself from a tasteless joke made about Beyoncé and Jay Z’s daughter, Blue Ivy, on BET’s music video countdown program 106 & Park. The joke mocking the child’s natural hair was made by guest host Karreuche Tran, to instant outrage from viewers, leading to a rash of angry tweets and even death threats. Rumors of the show’s suspension were quelled by Moss, whose recent absence is in fact due to filming a role on CSI. Tran and BET executive Stephen G. Hill have both apologized deeply for the joke.

07/29/2014: Before attending his USA Basketball duties, Andre Drummond hit up the Jordan Brand “First to Fly” event which included a dunk contest. As you can see below, he and Shad Moss “Bow Wow” performed a nice bounce pass alley-oop!

07/28/2014: A while back, Young Hollywood (Haneef Munir) thought up and performed a dunk in which his girlfriend stood on top of a chair holding the ball. Hollywood soared over her, grabbing the ball, and dunking it. Since then, he’s performed the same dunk with famous celebrities and ballers to the like of Blake Griffin and more! Recently at the Jordan Brand dunk contest, Young Hollywood added to the celeb list by having Bow Wow take the honors of holding the ball while on top of a chair. See video below. Sick! Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough for Hollywood to win the dunk contest. The honors went to Shelby McEwen.

Rumors Man, Rumors…

bow wow cashRumors abounded about Bow Wow being broke, getting fired from his gig on BET’s 106 and Park, and having his Bentley repossessed.  What’s for real?  It all started when on February 7, 2013 Bow Wow told a judge that he only had $1,500 in his checking account and could not afford child support of $3,000 a month.  The star claimed he had Jeep payments and made $4,000 a month as a roster artists for Cash Money Records.  The judge ordered Bow Wow to pay not only $3,000 per month but also $11,500 in back payments.  I guess that judges bite is worse than Bow Wow’s bark!  So is it true the musician and star of Like Mike and Lottery Ticket is now broke?  Well the company that leased his Ferrari F340 in 2008 has taken Bow Wow to collections, but the star insists his Bentley was not repossessed.  Oh and the IRS has reported he owes them $91,000.  Seems like the reports are true, but not to fret because Bow Wow did land a regular paying gig as the host of BET’s 106 and Park. Rumors are that the musician gets paid $200,000 on a six month contract.  The Ferrari rumors are true.  Bow Wow leased the 3 year old F430 Ferrari in 2008 and in February 2009 the leasing company successfully won a judgement against the star for money owed in the amount of $216,084.75.  Since the judgement the leasing company has hired a collection agency to recover the sum.  Now he also owes interest making the total around $283,785.

Mr. Wow and the Wow Whips

Bow-Wow-LamborghiniBack in 2009 on an episode of MTV Cribs (video below) Bow Wow shows off a banana yellow Ferrari 360 Modena, a black BMW 645 with sick black rims, a Hummer h2 or h3, and a Mercedes SL convertible.  Bow to the Wow has probably sold most of those cars.  In 2011 he was selling his 2006 Lamborghini Murcielago on eBay.

Mr. Wow also got called out and set the internet ablaze when he was spotted driving around town during Grammy week in a white convertible Ferrari.  The luxury exotic car leasing company that rented the car called him out on Twitter saying, “Our good friend @bowwow pulling up to the Grammys with our Ferrari California.”  People took to twitter saying things like, “Ahahaha! It’s a rental.”  Few people understand that being a celebrity is Bow Wow’s career and pulling up in a Jeep Cherokee to the red carpet would not necessarily be a plausible career move.  Bow-Wow-Lamborghini-Murcielago-CoupeThe MTV Cribs tour in 2009 of Bow Wow’s Atlanta Home, a 14,000 square feet 6 bedrooms and 7.5 bathrooms McMansion style house on a golf course (presumably in a country club), features Kitchen with a wood paneled refrigerator, black granite countertops, air brushed paintings of rappers inside Bow Wow’s bedroom, a walk in closet featuring at least 100 jersey’s and and an enviable sneaker collection, a mink coat, an arcade style basketball shooting game in his bedroom, a separate game room, and a pool and jacuzzi with a waterfall.



No idea exactly what Mr. Wow is driving these days, but we hope he is getting a good deal.


Bow Wow kissing alllll the Ladies on TV, and Catfishing

bow wow tyra banksbow-wow-kisses-erica-mena-106-and-parkBow Wow does NOT to need to catfish to get the ladies. In fact he has kissed not one but at least two celebrity guests on his show, 106 and Park, shown to an international audience.  It started off pretty tamely when the star rapper host revealed to the audience that Mena would have been cast in the part of romantic interest in Bow Wow’s movie Lottery Ticket.  The rapper went on to explain this meant that Mena and him did not get to act out the kissing scene since she was not in the movie.  This of course prompted the lip lock a few seconds later.  The more famous impromptu kiss was with long-time crush Tyra Banks.  Bow Wow seems to have so much success with the ladies that one person claimed to be him in order to lure the affection of a lady.  “Dee Pimpin” claimed Bow Wow gets all the girls so she should too.  Not that wasn’t a typo.  Dee Pimpin’ is a lesbian that dresses like and often passes for a man.  Well Bow Wow heard about the Catfish episode and had Dee Pimpin’ and his her victim on the show!  That’s a good sport for you!

bow wow 106

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Video Transcript:

Shad Gregory Moss was born on March, 9th, 1987, in Columbus, Ohio. He is better known as Lil’ Bow Wow or Bow Wow, his stage name, and currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia. His first album as a musician was released back in 1998. Then he had a few albums that went Platinum, Gold Platinum and Double Platinum in the late 2000s. After his music career, Bow Wow went on to host shows like “106 & Park” and be featured as a guest on “Moesha” and the “Steve Harvey Show”, among many others.
Nowadays, Bow Wow goes by his birth name, Shad Moss, and is trying to kind of rebrand himself back into a more mature, grown-up star. There is many various reports about how much exactly Shad Moss is worth on the Internet, ranging anywhere from negative 300.000, saying he is in debt, all the way up to 15 million. From the looks of it, I think that he might have plenty of money and has probably saved some from his record sales back in the day.

Video Credit: AlphaLife.me on YouTube