1. Biography

Benjamin Edward Higgins, formerly known as Ben Higgins, was born March 23, 1988 in Denver, Colorado. His parents are David and Amy Higgins and he is their only child. During his time as a teenager, he lived in Warsaw, Indiana. In 2008, he graduated from Warsaw Community High School and soon after, attended Indiana University. As a college student, he made major contributions to his community. He was the Student Association of Indiana University‰Ûªs President and the Director of Faith Based Affairs International Volunteer Head Quarters in Cuzco, Peru.

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2. Income & Salary

After finishing his studies, Higgins headed to Denver and became a business analyst for Talisys, a financial services company. Aside from having an amazing personal life, he appeared on season 20 of The Bachelorette, where he competed for Kaitlyn Bristowe‰Ûªs heart. Higgins was eliminated after the overnight dates. Since then, it‰Ûªs been reported he may be the next Bachelor on the show. This is great news for his career because if he decides to take the offer and do the show, he will earn at least $100,000. On The Bachelor and Bachelorette, contestants usually earn six figures or more. (However, Higgins‰Ûª reason for doing the show wasn‰Ûªt related to the money. He was looking for love and he thought he could find it in Bristowe.)

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3. Estimated Net Worth

During his time on the show, Higgins is reported to have made roughly $213,000. His salary was a little higher than the standard amount because he was one of three contestants left on the show. Although there are reports, he may be the new Bachelor, he hasn‰Ûªt admitted anything, yet. If he does agree to appear on the long-lived show, he may see more opportunities and a bigger salary coming his way. The new season won‰Ûªt air until mid-September and his fans are looking forward to hopefully seeing him. In 2015 we estimated Ben Higgins’ net worth to be around $800,000.

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