1. Biography

Barry Weiss is a television reality star of the show Storage Wars on the A&E network. It premiered in 2010. He’s divorced and has two children from the marriage. Barry lives in Los Angeles in a home that cost him over a million dollars. He’s lived his entire life in Los Angeles but has traveled extensively.

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2. Income & Salary

When customers don’t pay for their storage units for three months, the storage companies hold auctions on the units to recoup their losses. Weiss competes with other attendees to win the units hoping for a big payday inside. There’s no guarantee that they will get a unit with anything of value. Barry is a newcomer to storage auctions and admits he doesn’t do it for the money but for the thrill of discovery. He spend over 20 years starting and growing a produce business with his brother. Barry left the business to travel. He’s a collector of unique and classic automobiles as well as other items that are considered collectables.

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3. Estimated Net Worth

Barry has some very distinct cars like his customized 1955 Ford with a plastic bubble. It’s known as a Beatnik. Most of Barry’s wealth was made during his time as a produce distributor. He’s been on Storage Wars for two years and aside from his salary for each episode, he claims he hasn’t made much of a profit on his finds. He usually doesn’t part with anything he finds interesting. They get added to his collection. Barry Weiss has an estimated net worth of 10 million dollars. Barry will be getting his own show soon although there are no details regarding his salary.

How much is Barry Weiss’ Net Worth? $10 Million!